Training for bookkeepers and accounting staff

New Bookkeepers Training Program 

Bookkeeper Training Part 1 | Duration: 3 hours | Online Training

Bookkeeper 1 includes a review of the set up of your chart of accounts. This covers the set-up of general ledger accounts as well as bank accounts to be reconciled. You will also be given an overview of task type creation for time sheet entry. You will be provided with an introduction to the interface of PracticeEvolve including the navigation of the Practice Explorer. You will also be given a general overview of the client and matter cards from a bookkeeping perspective. The set-up of payment requisitions and disbursements on the matter card is covered in detail. The last part of the training covers time recording.

Bookkeeper Training Part 2 | Duration: 3 hours | Online Training

Bookkeeper 2 covers the creation and management of client invoices on the matter card and across multiple matters simultaneously. The process of recording Office and Trust transactions will be demonstrated. This includes the recording of receipts and payments, trust to office and office to trust transfers, matter to matter transfers as well as the navigation of the office and trust ledgers. You will be shown how to prepare deposit slips and cheque payments. You will also be shown how to set up CMA, Investment, and statutory deposit accounts with associated transactions.

Bookkeeper Training Part 3 | Duration: 3 hours | Online Training

Bookkeeper 3 introduces you to the set-up and management of credit purchases. You will be shown how to generate debtors and trust statements. A demonstration is provided on the process of performing bank reconciliations on the office and trust bank accounts. You will be given an introduction to the accounting reports most frequently accessed by bookkeepers. You will then be shown how to set up fee earner budgets and fee targets.

Bookkeeper Follow-up Training | Duration: 1 day | Onsite

Follow Up Bookkeeper Training is designed to recap topics covered in Bookkeeper training and introduce staff to the advanced accounting functions in PracticeEvolve.

Also included is refresher training on reporting tools and invoicing for administrators. We recommend undertaking this training at least 6 to 8 weeks after your go live day.

Important Information

Please contact us to arrange a training session: 

Due to high demand, please provide at least: 

  • 7 days notice for online training; and
  • 21 days notice for onsite training sessions.  

Please also note the following: 

  • the training services specified in this section are chargeable services, and are charged at hourly rates for training online, or a flat daily rate for training onsite at your firm; and
  • where there is a balance of prepaid training hours for your company, we will provide you with a quote for the remaining hours required for training. 

Training Agendas

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