Workflow training for workflow administrators

Introduction to Workflow | Duration: 1 hour | Online training 

The introduction to workflow is conducted online with the staff who are tasked with creatingworkflows in your firm. The main objective of the training is to provide you with an overview and information on the types of features available within the workflow system, so that you are able to plan out draft workflows in preparation for the Advanced Workflows Workshop.

Advanced Workflow Workshop | Duration: 1 day | Onsite training

The Advanced Workflow Training is a full day workshop, at your office, with the members of your staff who are tasked with creating workflows.

The purpose of the training is to provide your workflow administrators with the information required to build workflows in PE. Prior to the training, please prepare draft workflows on paper, or using flow diagram software so that we can build the workflows in PE in your workshop.

Important Information

Please contact us to arrange a training session: 

Due to high demand, please provide at least: 

  • 7 days notice for online training; and
  • 21 days notice for onsite training sessions.  

Please also note the following: 

  • the training services specified in this section are chargeable services, and are charged at hourly rates for training online, or a flat daily rate for training onsite at your firm; and
  • where there is a balance of prepaid training hours for your company, we will provide you with a quote for the remaining hours required for training. 

Training Agendas

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