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The Evolve Mobile application is an on-the-go extension to Practice Evolve; offering data access mobility to all firm staff.

System requirements to connect with Evolve Mobile are as follows: 

  • PE Version 5.3 R1.1 or newer. 
  • Android 11 or newer with Google Play access. 
  • iOS 14 or newer with Apple Store access
  • Internet connection
  • 250 MB available on mobile device.

Key features of Evolve Mobile:

The Dashboard: The dashboard allows the user to continue working when away from Practice Evolve on desktop. With an easily accessible search bar, browsing by matter, contacts and documents, and the  ability to start a new work item timer. 

Work Items: Pending time entries that were recorded on Evolve Mobile will sync back to Practice Evolve, enabling easy editing and finalising of entries. A historical view by calendar is available for reference.

Search functionality: A universal search field gives the user the ability to browse matters, contacts and clients.

Profile: Provides the ability to log out of the application

The below guides provide a step by step instruction on how to setup, download and access the Evolve Mobile application, and to depict an overview of the features available.

Setup & Permissions

This outlines how to setup employees, download the application, and accessing the mobile application.  


Identifies the navigation bar in Evolve Mobile and the various icons.


How to start a new work item on the go, to view active matters and contacts and how to access and open relating documents. 

Work Items

Specifies how users can view pending and all work items, how to edit the work item details and view work items for a particular day using the calendar.


Highlights Evolve Mobile’s search functionality.


Details how to log out of Evolve Mobile within the Profile icon on the navigation bar.


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