EvolvePlus Release Notes

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2023 November Release

Revision 10 (5.6.2406.1215)

CRE-4389 |Document Download / Upload Preformance

The document download / upload process has been enhanced.  With this enhancement the user will now experience increased document download / upload speeds.

Revision 9 (5.6.2405.1309)

CRE-4172 |Error Handling - Workflow Auto Start

A change has been made to the error handling in relation to the workflow auto start process, this change ensures that the Documatics service is not effected and any error messages will be presented to the user.

CRE-4049 |Bundle Creation - Use Headed Numbering

An issue was identified where the user could not create a bundle upon deselecting Use Header Numbering in the Practice Evolve options, and the follow warning is no longer displayed. The following warning was produced while creating the Bundle document.. Object reference was not set to an instance of an object

The Use Header Numbering setting is used to customise whether numbering appears in the headers formats of the table of contents, which inturn allows the user greater control of the page numbering within the bundle. 

Practice Evolve Options  > Tools > Practice Evolve Plus Options > Brief

CRE-4219 |Azure Files Library Sync

The Azure files library sync has been enhanced to ensure that folders which only contain shortcuts are handled correctly.

CRE-4305 |HMRC - VAT Return > VAT Reporting Method (UK)

The HMRC VAT Reporting method has been enhanced and is now defaulted from PracticeEvolve Options > HMRC.


Revision 8 (5.6.2403.2613)

CRE-4055 |Make the default for Directory Security Searching be false

This change makes the default for Directory Security Searching for Ethical Walls to be false, the option can be modified by PE Support (CRE-4012) 

CRE-3890 |AML Icon on Home Ribbon does not load docked AML tab 

Resolved an issue where the AML icon on the toolbar didn’t always show the AML view when clicked. 

CRE-4100 |Getting matters via API fails if any matter schema attributes contain a null sqlclass

Resolved an issue where the API would not return matter results when specific schema attributes were in use. 

CRE-4141 |Unable to print tasks from Client or Matter task screens

Fixed an error that stopped the printing of Client & Matter tasks. 

Revision 7 (Inc 6) (5.6.2402.2109)
CRE-4075 | Matters enhanced to respect Permissions when applied through a Group 

As issue has been resolved where group permissions were not correctly respected in search results from the PE Explorer when returning matters. N.B. It should be noted that the user will need to sign out and back in for the Group permissions to take full effect.

CRE-3954 | Resolved an issue where changing employee roles errored upon saving

When modifying an employee’s “Membership” list the change now no longer displays an error

CRE-4067 | Perfect Portal Namespaces throws "Unsupported Type" in Service calls

Perfect Portal mappings have been enhanced for the known list service calls

NB. Sites using Perfect Portal will require updated DLL’s which are not included in the standard installer, these will be provided as part of a site being upgraded.

CRE-4023 |iManage: Improve Performance of User Lookup
CRE-4024 |iManage: Disable Document Notification Process for iManage Sites

Disabled the document notification process for iManage sites, users are expected to press F5 to manually retrieve the latest list of documents. 

Revision 5 (5.6.2401.1812)

CRE-4044 | Resolved an issue where the scans feature was not accessible when a user has both the "Scanning" and "Transcriber" roles

CRE-4029 |Increase Length of 'Rate Set' Field on Matter and Client 'Financials' Tabs 

The Rate Set field has been re-sized within both the Client and Matter ‘Financials’ tabs to allow for easier selection of long rate set names. 

CRE-3993 - Billing Stage Display Performance Enhancement within the Timesheet, Accounting Options and Matter tabs

CRE-4047 | Updated the system to remember reporting method when generating a VAT submissions

  • Added new option added to Accounting Options > HMRC to allow accountants to select between either Accrual or Cash based reporting. The option is used in some Accounting Reports and the MTD screen.
  • On first use of the MTD screen, if the option has not already been saved, a warning will be presented to the user and the option selected will be saved for future use. This can always be modified by visiting Accounting Options > HMRC.

Revision 4 (

CRE-3973 | Resolved an issue where temp files generated during document preview were not being deleted

CRE-3973 | Resolved an error that appeared when finalising invoices

Revision 3

CRE-3988 | Removed "Submission date" from Court Duty screen as it is no longer required

Revision 2

CRE-3973 | Resolved error message in Outlook add-in

  • Resolved an error that would appear if the option for “Search for contacts using email addresses to search on” was enabled

CRE-3962 | Resolved an issue where an error was displayed when creating a Legal Aid investigation invoice 


CRE-3605 | Client interest calculation All Matters

  • Bulk interest calculation screen will now only display matters where the accrued interest is equal to or greater than the de minimis figure.
  • No completed/archived matters will be included.
  • A list of of the matters that have accrued interest can be obtained from the ‘print report’ tab (prior to posting).
  • Details of the interest calculation can be viewed using the ‘View Interest Details’ tab - however the print button is grey out so if a copy is required user can either print screen or run it on ad hoc and print from there.
  • In order to post, you need to select at least one entry from the ‘Calculated’ screen. All interest calculated entries displayed on BOTH the Calculated AND To Post screens will be posted - regardless of selection.

CRE-3679 | Refinement Client Audit Report - Dormant Client Ledgers 

Within the ‘Client Audit Report', the user can determine all ledgers that have been inactive, for a specified number of days within the audit period.

CRE-3744 | Refinement of Dormant Client Ledgers Report 

Users can now run this report retrospectively using the ‘As at date’.

CRE-3824 | Matter Listing Report errors when "Characteristics" report criteria checkbox is selected

Fix for Matter Listing Report, no longer errors when ‘characteristics’ report criteria checkbox is selected.

CRE-3862 | Lodgments with previous dates reverting to today’s date when posted.

The Date and Original Date fields should default to the Received Date as set when creating the Lodgement.

CRE-3867 | Unexpected Error from Context Menu in Manage Requisitions

User able to use the ‘auto filter row’ functionality of the manage requisition screen.

CRE-3893 | Interest Calculation failing with large number of records

Significant performance improvements and revisions to the Bulk Interest calculation tool when calculating interest on a large number (10k +) of matters.

*CRE-3853 | Legal Aid Submissions – Permissions

Permissions for access to view, create and upload Legal Aid submissions can be created and added\removed from a user.

*CRE-3872 | Make the Police Station List more user friendly

Police stations are now listed in a standard, consistent alphabetical format.

*CRE-3875 | Make Court list more user friendly

Court names and codes are listed in a standard consistent alphabetical format.

*CRE-3877 | Link work item to duty table when creating an attendance

  • The work item ID is visible in the court duty table.
  • The work item and associated invoice is visible in the court duty table.
  • It is much easier to match the attendance to the work item and therefore the matching invoice for court duty attendances.

*CRE-3878 | Tidy up the Court Duty tab

The Court Duty tab has been refined to improve the user experience. Fields are aligned, formatting is consistent and the court duty field has been widened so the whole of the court name can be seen. 

*CRE-3885 | Legal Aid Court Locations not persisting locations added through the UI

Where a Court name has been added by the user, after saving and restarting PE the added Court will be retained and listed alphabetically.


CRE-3710 | Attribute Update Workflow Task Shows Incorrect Attributes

Resolved an issue with the ‘Attribute Update’ workflow activity where in some circumstances fields other than those selected would be incorrectly displayed to the user.

CRE-3672 | Deleted and Disabled Matter Label Causes Error on Matter if Still Applied

Resolved an issue with expanding the Matter Properties section within Financials where a disabled or deleted label was still applied to the matter.

CRE-3777 | Ctrl + D Shortcut Doesn't Work in Document Library

Resolved an issue for files within Libraries where the Ctrl + D shortcut did not work despite the file being checked-out and deletable.

CRE-3814 | 'Add New Email' function not working

Improved error handling when sending an email and Outlook is not running or is running in a different security context.

CRE-3817 | Parties merged to Client crashes PE

Resolved an issue when merging two or more entities where the parent entity had a reference in the associated parties table to one of the entities selected to be merged with.

Also made a change to the process so that the first selected entity is the master entity and will always be the entity which is merged to.

CRE-3837 | Deleted and Disabled Client Label Causes Error on Client if Still Applied

Resolved an issue with expanding the Client Properties section within Financials where a disabled or deleted label was still applied to the client.

CRE-3880 | Perfect Portal change to handle Security Issues changes

Fix to stop the Perfect Portal clients when created in PE showing with a name of “0” in the PE Explorer.

CRE-3891 | Error thrown when building brief with table of contents template

Resolved an issue with the Brief/Bundling tool to support site specific templated Table of Contents pages.

CRE-3892 | Missing Scan Folder(s) Prevent Services from Starting

Resolved an issue that would prevent the PracticeEvolve services from starting in the event that one or more of the defined scan folders did not exist on the file system.

CRE-3900 | Diary Task Report Not Correctly Formatted

Format changes to the print option within Diary, ensuring that all columns are no readable.

CRE-3918 | Cannot access folder containing shortcuts

Resolved an issue where document folders across the system which contained shortcuts would display an error and fail to open. 

CRE-3629 | Protect Standard LA Schema Fields in Forms Designer

New schema option introduced to allow “system” fields to be protected from users inadvertently making changes, this option will only be applied by PracticeEvolve.

*CRE-3652 | Allow Management of Client and Matter Labels within Workflow

Created two new workflow activities in the Accounts section called Client Labels and Matter Labels, providing the ability Add and Remove labels on clients and matters respectively.

*CRE-3728 | New 'Rate Set' Workflow Activity

New workflow activity within the Accounts section to allow the assignment of a Rate Set to either a client or matter.

Outlook Add-In

CRE-3973 | Outlook Add-In - Error message

Resolved a bug in the Outlook Add-In which caused a “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean“ error message to appear.

[UK] Legal Aid

Items pre-fixed with * will bring specific benefit to clients providing Legal Aid within the UK; however, the benefits of these features should not be seen as simply for the purposes of Legal Aid sites.

2023 October Release

Revision 10 (5.5.2406.1214 )

CRE-4389 |Document Download / Upload Preformance

The document download / upload process has been enhanced.  With this enhancement the users will now experience increased document download / upload speeds.

Revision 9 (5.5.2405.1309)

CRE-4172 |Error Handling - Workflow Auto Start

A change has been made to the error handling in relation to the workflow auto start process, this change ensures that the Documatics service is not effected and any error messages will be presented to the user.

CRE-4049 |Bundle Creation - Use Headed Numbering

An issue was identified where the user could not create a bundle upon deselecting Use Header Numbering in the Practice Evolve options, and the follow warning is no longer displayed. The following warning was produced while creating the Bundle document.. Object reference was not set to an instance of an object

The Use Header Numbering setting is used to customise whether numbering appears in the headers formats of the table of contents, which inturn allows the user greater control of the page numbering within the bundle. 

Practice Evolve Options  > Tools > Practice Evolve Plus Options > Brief

CRE-4219 |Azure Files Library Sync

The Azure files library sync has been enhanced to ensure that folders which only contain shortcuts are handled correctly.

CRE-4305 |HMRC - VAT Return > VAT Reporting Method (UK)

The HMRC VAT Reporting method has been enhanced and is now defaulted from PracticeEvolve Options > HMRC.

Revision 8  (5.5.2403.2611)

CRE-4055 |Make the default for Directory Security Searching be false

This change makes the default for Directory Security Searching for Ethical Walls to be false, the option can be modified by PE Support (CRE-4012) 

CRE-3890 |AML Icon on Home Ribbon does not load docked AML tab 

Resolved an issue where the AML icon on the toolbar didn’t always show the AML view when clicked. 

CRE-4100 |Getting matters via API fails if any matter schema attributes contain a null sqlclass

Resolved an issue where the API would not return matter results when specific schema attributes were in use. 

CRE-4141 |Unable to print tasks from Client or Matter task screens

Fixed an error that stopped the printing of Client & Matter tasks. 

Revision 7 (5.5.2402.2022)

CRE-3954 | Changing employee roles throws an error when saving
It wasn’t possible to modify the group membership of a user making user management impossible.

CRE-4067 | Perfect Portal Namespaces throws "Unsupported Type" in Service calls
Perfect Portal settings could not be saved back, this prevented new case/matter mappings from being created.

CRE-4075 | Matters are not respecting Permissions when applied through a Group
Matters permissions were not correctly respected where they were assigned through a group.

Revision 6 (5.5.2402.109) 

CRE-4024 | Removed document notification process for iManage integration

CRE-4024 | Updated performance improvements to user lookup for the iManage integration

Revision 5 (5.5.2401.1810) 

CRE-4044 | Resolved an issue where the scans feature was not accessible when a user has both the "Scanning" and "Transcriber" roles

Revision 4 (5.5.2312.1116)

CRE-3892 | Missing Scan Folder(s) Prevent Services from Starting

Resolved an issue that would prevent the PracticeEvolve services from starting in the event that one or more of the defined scan folders did not exist on the file system.

CRE-4017 | Tag Replacement Screen has All Contacts Selected Rather than None

Addressed an issue where the tag replacement window incorrectly ticked all available choices rather than the expected behaviour of none.

CRE-3918 | Cannot access folder containing shortcuts

Resolved an issue where document folders across the system which contained shortcuts would display an error and fail to open. 

NB. Sites that have had the workaround applied will need to be updated by the support team to re-instate previously removed shortcuts.

CRE-3980 | Error when finalising bills in PE

Resolved an issue where an error was incorrectly displayed after finalising a draft invoice.

CRE-3894 | Temp file generated during document preview generation is not deleted

Resolved an issue where the temporary file associated with the creation of a document preview was not deleted, the temporary files are now correctly deleted after the preview file has been built.

CRE-3963 | Issue with Excel Based Conflict Checks

Resolved an issue with Conflict Checks that included a large number of “hits” where the resulting Excel file was incorrectly labelled as a PDF.

CRE-3940 | Supplier Purchase tab throws an error when Record Credit Note is clicked

Resolved an issue where an error was displayed when a user attempted to record a credit note on a supplier that had no purchases.

CRE-3989 | Duplicate field error when creating a matter (API)

Resolved an error in the API where field names were considered to be duplicated as a result of whitespace in their names.

CRE-4012 | Create config setting to control how Permissions checks are performed

Introduced a new config setting to assist with directory search performance and allowing the checking of entity permissions to be turned off, by default permissions are respected and contacts that do not have an associated entity will not be shown in the directory search.

NB. Please speak to the support team to configure the changing of this setting.


CRE-3900 | Diary Task Report Not Correctly Formatted

Format changes to the print option within Diary, ensuring that all columns are now readable.

Revision 3

CRE-3243 | Brief Wizard error message running on K8

Resolved a font issue in bundling for sites running on Kubernetes (K8).

Revision 2

CRE-3936 | Preferred Address selection functionality no longer works due to serialisation security updates

Resolved an issue with the preferred address feature not working as expected.

CRE-3973 | Outlook Add-In - Error message

Resolved a bug in the Outlook Add-In which caused a “String was not recognized as a valid Boolean“ error message to appear.

Revision 1

CRE-3738 | Resolved an issue with Outlook add-in settings for searching when filing not taking effect, leading to delayed performance

The “Search for contacts using email addresses to search on” option is handled correctly and the auto-filling of the results grid only happens when this option has been selected


CRE-886 | Added a warning when exiting the Employee Account’s tab with unsaved changes

CRE-3581 | Added automatic report creation and filing for requisitions

Once a cheque requisition has been created, approved, and the payment has been recorded, two new documents will be created under the Accounts folder. One at the time of creation, and one at the time of payment.

CRE-3830 | Added bank file import support for NatWest UK Bankchanges

CRE-3071 | Updated tax codes to prevent the deletion of those currently in use

CRE-3315 | Updated performance improvements to the budget calculations on the Fee Earner Performance reports

CRE-3470 |Updated HSBC bank imports to replace IE with GB support

CRE-3564 | Updated warning messages with better clarity when receiving payments or recording receipts against unpaid disbursements

CRE-3599 | Updated the handling of accrued interest

Interest will use the first EFT payment type available, otherwise general payment method.

CRE-3292 | Resolved an issue where matter credits were not available after unlinking disbursements

CRE-3368 | Resolved an issue where disbursements could be added to multiple purchases if opened at the same time

CRE-3390 | Resolved requisition attachments not being retained when issuing a payment

CRE-3409 | Resolved error message preventing payments from being recorded on a matter

CRE-3418 | Resolved employee billing rates incorrectly showing rates for other employees

CRE-3464 | Resolved trust ledger entry dates incorrectly using creation dates

CRE-3478 | Resolved spelling mistake in the accounting options

CRE-3525 | Resolved an issue when grouping disbursements on an invoice, where the invoice item status always shows as unpaid

CRE-3554 | Resolved import allocation error message showing too many decimal places

CRE-3729 | Resolved client interest calculation table showing incorrect header of "Running Balance" instead of "Ledger Postings"


CRE-2365 | Added settings for controlling the font size of brief page numbersplaces

CRE-2795 | Added options to the Practice Explorer to sort results by Ranking, Date, or Name

CRE-3598 | Added an option for a maximum units threshold when users are creating time entries using the Outlook add-in

Located under Practice Evolve Plus - User Options > Office Integration

CRE-2416 | Updated forms designer to ensure that searchable fields are correctly set up with a search name

CRE-2044 | Resolved an issue with matter alerts not saving due to special characters

CRE-3386 | Resolved an API issue where new attributes added by the forms designer were not available until after a service restart

CRE-3469 | Resolved AML tab not sorting dates in order

CRE-3492 | Resolved advanced search options not working correctly for Conflict Check Results

CRE-3532 | Resolved user Groups not updating after the addition or removal of group users until after a service restart

CRE-3594 | Resolved directory search returning no results for contacts

CRE-3709 | Resolved issue preventing multiple documents from being merged as one, when importing from a library to a client or matter

CRE-3779 | Resolved directory search results showing a discrepancy between the count and the actual number 

CRE-3787 | Resolved not being able to “Add quick” documents from a library to a client

CRE-3797 | Resolved an error with the Object Permission Report from behaving correctly if multiple users share the exact full name


CRE-3699 | Added configuration support for the file storage location of user settings

CRE-3856 | Added configuration support for disabling document previews of certain file types

CRE-2459 | Updated security protocols for the Client Portal

CRE-3479 | Updated various form icons with the PracticeEvolve logo

CRE-3793 | Updated SMTP configurations for filing and security protocols

CRE-3665 | Resolved temp files not being cleared from the disk when emails are indexed

2023 September Release

Revision 2

CRE-3812 | Resolved issue where custom fields created using the Forms Designer reverted their type back to "Text"

Revision 1

CRE-3676 | Added an option to choose accrual or cash accounting when submitting MTD VAT Return


CRE-1717 | Added ability to configure dashboard default landing page

  • Configured per user under Accounting Options > General > My Preferences
  • Opening and closing the dashboard will restore the last used dashboard page


CRE-2737 | Apply compound interest for billable disbursements

Added ability to apply compound interest for billable disbursements

CRE-3047 | Added API endpoints for Invoice details

A new API endpoint, visible on swagger, for retrieving the details of the items on a specific invoice

CRE-3314 | Disbursement receipts must be warned if the disbursement is unpaid

Added warnings for disbursement receipts if the disbursement is unpaid

CRE-3316 | Payment Requisition needs warnings noted on form

Added warnings on payment requisition forms

CRE-3253 | Import Allocations only supports invoices on the Office Receipt screen

Added import allocation support for Matter Credits and Accounts to Office Receipts

CRE-3388 | Tri-state checkboxes have an unclear status

Updated financial matter properties to treat empty values as unchecked

CRE-3551 | Accounting report performance improvements

Updated performance of the Profit and Loss statement report

CRE-3232 | Creating Composite Invoices with Grouped Fees creates duplicate fee entries

Resolved duplicate fee entries when creating composite invoices with grouped fees on a child invoice

CRE-3234 | Invoice List report includes parent and child invoices

Resolved invoice list report showing child invoices when it should only show the parent

CRE-3236 | Unable to cancel/reverse split disbursement

Resolved not being able to cancel or reverse a split disbursement

CRE-3312 | Disbursement receipt not reflected in the total owing field

Resolved disbursement receipts not being reflected in the total owing

CRE-3313 | No target selector is available to select disbursement in Record Office Receipt

Resolved issue with selecting existing disbursements when recording an office receipt

CRE-3317 | Manage Requisitions Attachments column is always populated

Resolved Attachments column being incorrectly populated when managing requisitions

CRE-3369 | Unable to open Matter Ledger transactions via double-click

Resolved not being able to double click to open transactions on the matter ledger

CRE-3391 | Multiple Division Purchases

Resolved incorrect divisions being listed when purchases are recorded across multiple divisions

CRE-3404 | DEFT Reference Issue with multiple zeros

Resolved DEFT integration references with leading zeroes not being recognised correctly


CRE-3310 | Handle logical page numbering for bundles using sectioned or template type TOC

Added improvements to electronic bundles for handling sectioned or template table of contents

CRE-3398 | Add flag so that uploads won't be shared on the client portal

Added a document flag to prevent sharing on the Client Portal

CRE-3427 | Matter Listing Report breaks when amending

Updated the Matter listing report to become a system default so that it cannot be edited

CRE-3308 | Remove "Optimise Client Server Communication" checkbox from Options

Removed legacy setting from the Options for optimising server communication

CRE-3010 | Client & Matter Recent Used Drop-Down Not Checking Permissions

Resolved recent matters and clients not loading correctly based on permissions

CRE-3242 | Sorting by document date and email date causes error

Resolved error when sorting documents by date or email date if there is an empty value

CRE-3245 | Key Dates changing when setting Task week before/after

Resolved key date being incorrectly changed when the task date has been changed

CRE-3251 | Broadcast is deleting other tasks in a Branch Parallel and leaving the workflow running with no available task to action

Resolved workflow broadcast incorrectly deleting other tasks

CRE-3301 | Spelling mistake on warning message when emailing as a pdf

Resolved spelling mistake on warning message when unsuccessfully emailing a PDF

CRE-3302 | Brief page start function causes page number to be incorrect in table of contents

Resolved bundling table of contents page numbers not correctly reflecting the page start configuration

CRE-3303 | User email cleared on employee creation

Resolved email not being retained when creating a new employee

CRE-3307 | System.net.http.formatting version issue causes issue with Infotrack searches

Resolved an issue preventing users from requesting InfoTrack searches

CRE-3361 | Unable to remove memberships within manage employees

Resolved not being able to update employee group memberships

CRE-3382 | Updating cases causes inconsistencies

Resolved API consistency issues when updating matters 

CRE-3385 | Oyezforms - Error always appears on first time if the Oyex DB path contains a space

Resolved setup configuration issues when integrating with OyezForms

CRE-3396 | Capscan postcode lookup

Resolved issue with Capscan integration postcode lookups not working correctly

CRE-3426 | Can't email more than one Scan document even when multiple are selected

Resolved not being able to email multiple scanned documents

CRE-3467 | Searching in Document Library not returning any Shortcuts

Resolved issue with document library searches not returning document shortcuts

CRE-3595 | SortOrder and GroupOrder parameters not working

Resolved API parameters for SortOrder and GroupOrder not functioning correctly

CRE-3649 | Conflict Check Doesn't Open on Creation

Resolved issue with conflict checks not opening on creation

CRE-3739 | Outlook Add-In: Default recommendation search not applying matter permissions

Resolved Outlook add-in not correctly applying permissions when presenting matters for filing

CRE-3749 | Parties and Representative details not being stored correctly

Resolved parties and representatives not saving correctly, leading to a loss of information when saving and reopening a matter

CRE-3762 | Cannot Fetch Web Comment notifications when the system has a large number of comments

Resolved performance issues arising from Client Portal comments

Revision R12 (5.3.2307.2423)

Invoicing and Time Recording

CRE-1587 | Automate Billing Process

Added a new module that allows firms to schedule matters and clients for automatic billing based on criteria. The frequency, value threshold, and template can be set.

CRE-2456 | Proactive WIP/Fee Alerts

Added functionality so the system can now send notifications when matters where the user is the Acting or Responsible person exceed the 70% estimate threshold. This setting is per user and disabled by default. To enable go to Accounting Options → Accounting → My Preferences and deselect “Do not notify me when a matter budget threshold has been reached”.

CRE-2907 | Adjust Invoice Timesheet Selector

Work Items not included on a draft invoice can be viewed on the ‘add Unbilled Items’ tab on the ribbon. These items will also be displayed on the Timesheet Selector.

CRE-2961 | Nickname Time Revision

Added the ability to mark a tag as active/inactive. Added ability to create new tags from the Tag dropdown in the Timesheet screen.

CRE-3006 | Disbursement Grouping on Invoices

Added ability to customise an invoice template to show payment status of the disbursements as at the time of invoicing.

CRE-3049 | Revise Available Columns for Invoice Notes

Revised the UI of the Invoice Notes screen.

CRE-3151 | Reviewed Tab order on Floating time entry form.

Reviewed and changed the tab order on the floating time entry form so that the focus flows in a more expected way. 

CRE-3152 | Apply interest generating duplicate entries on some matters

Fixed issue where apply interest feature was creating incorrect duplicate entries in certain circumstances.

CRE-3170 | Composite invoice. Work with Tax Inclusive Amounts gets deselected when finalising invoice.

Make the Composite invoice “Work with Tax Inclusive Amounts” option value consistent when finalising the invoice

CRE-3192 | Invoice notes revision | 'latest note' should contain the created on data

Improved the invoice notes feature to show more details in the summary column in the Manage Invoices view.

CRE-3197 | Default Tax Code not being applied to Billing Tax Code

Add accounts options (under Tax Codes) to default the billing tax code for disbursements to the tax code set on the supplier

CRE-3223 | WIP Selector on Adjust Invoice Screen Bill to limit to amount issue

Fixed issue where the Bill to Limit functionality was not working as expected on the Adjust Invoice screen. Of the original list of work items, the system will take entries in time and date order and will exclude any time recording entries that exceed the bill to limit/to amount value. It will not split an entry into separate values to make up any shortfall.

CRE-3285 | Billing Rates not using the Billing Grade "Effective From" date correctly

Correct issue with applying effective from date for billing grades

Billing Plans

CRE-179 | Summary page for Billing plans

Added summary page on the Billing Plan view.

CRE-3077 | Billing Plans 'Open Billing'

Added the concept of an Open Billing billing plan, where all stages are available and can be billed at any time. See the helpdesk guide for more information.

CRE-3078 | Add "Mandatory Stages" option to Billing Plans

Added a setting to ensure stages are mandatory when a billing plan is on a matter. This applies when entering WIP and disbursements. 

CRE-3079 | Add Billing Stage to Floating Time Entry Screen

Billing Stage can now be set on the floating time entry view.

CRE-3080 | Add Disbursement Category and Billing Stage to Record Disbursement Screens

Disbursements can now be associated with a billing stage, and this can be set on the screens where Disbursements are recorded.


CRE-2205 | The "Only apply task types associated with the matter's rate set" option should apply to the main Timesheet view

Updated the “Only apply task types associated with the matter’s rate set” option to now apply to the main Timesheet view

CRE-2453 | New regionalisation for Acting Person and Responsible Person [IE/UK Only]

Updated terminology. For UK sites, the text “Acting Person” will now be “Matter Acting Person” and the text “Responsible Person” will be “Matter Supervisor”

NOTE: This change does not apply to the grouping drop downs in the various accounting report creation screens. Those will be localised in a future release.

A schema customisation is required to update the text of these in Matter Properties.

CRE-2729 | Allow the Division to be specified when importing allocations

Added functionality to the Import Allocations feature for allocations against a division. The sample file will contain the new Division column.

CRE-2850 | Adding Entity Bank Account Details

Added entity bank details option for recording office payments, client/trust payments. 

NOTE: This is an interim feature and should not be used

CRE-3204 | Credit Note Document Creation

Option to Generate credit note document when cancelling an issued invoice. (Functionality previously under Abate Invoice for GB/IE)

CRE-2947 | Manage Invoices - Client Partner column

Added a new column “Client Partner” which can be added to the Manage Invoice view.

CRE-3076 | Import bank transaction from file causes error if user config is null

Resolved issue where users could not import a bank transaction file in certain circumstances.


CRE-3114 | Add Notes field to Payment Requests

Added a field to allow users to record notes on Payment Requests.

CRE-2935 | Bank Reconciliation Variance to handle skipped statement items

Added a table displaying unposted statement items to the Bank Reconciliation screen. This should display all unmatched bank feed entries for the time period. The sum total of these unmatched entries is displayed as the Unposted Balance at the top of the view. The unposted balance is now included in the calculation of the Variation figure

CRE-2936 | Show previously matched bank transactions subsequently unmatched in bank reconciliation screen

Added historical matching. If a previously imported transaction is unmatched on the Bank Reconciliation screen, the user can now return to the bank import screen and load it as an unmatched import.

NOTE: The Side-by-Side tick box option is an interim feature and should not be used

CRE-3003 | UK Bank Imports - Account Number Validation [IE/UK Only]

Added account number validation for the HSBC, RBS, BoS and Barclays bank file imports.    

CRE-2958 | HSBC CHAPS Payment Export [IE/UK Only]

Added a payment file export for the HSBC CHAPS format.

CRE-3257 | Bank of Scotland - Reconciliation Error

Fixed issue when modifying a receipt for imported transactions.

ESC-422 | Create Bank Reconciliation import format support for AIB [IE/UK only]

Added support for importing AIB files.

CRE-3199 | QIF (Standard Format) - Bank Reconciliation Import

PracticeEvolve now supports importing to the reconciliation screen from the .qif format. 

This is an international format supported by many banking institutions.

CRE-3214 | Suppliers get duplicated when saving any edits for the first time

Fixed issue causing Suppliers to be duplicated when edited immediately after creation.

CRE-2898 | Purchase Ledger - Supplier Reference

Added Invoice Number column into the Supplier Ledger view.

CRE-2942 | Expose Entity Documents for Supplier Records

Added document storage against a supplier. These are now accessible from the Supplier Detail view. 

Attachments to supplier purchases will be saved to that supplier’s document store.

CRE-2946 | Supplier invoice number validation

Added checks to the Record Purchase view to ensure supplier invoice numbers are unique.

CRE-2962 | Supplier Remittance Emails: subject and body of email settings

Added a default message and subject that can be set, to accompany the system generated remittance advice email. This is set globally from the Accounting Options screen > messaging and can also be set per supplier from the Edit Supplier screen.

CRE-3169 | Creating Supplier initials not auto-populated AND emptying Preferred Name doesn't re-track existing name

Improved usability of the Create Supplier screen.

CRE-3146 | Record Purchase Screen supplier name has to be entered twice

Fixed validation error that was causing the supplier name to be cleared in certain circumstances.

CRE-3150 | Sorting by the Allocate To column when recording a purchase throws an exception

Fixed error when sorting on Allocate To column. 

ESC-976 | Can't open Purchase Details from Manage Purchases

Resolved issue where users cannot double click into the purchase details on the Manage Purchases screen.   


CRE-3163 | Archive Matters with Billable Disbursements

Users are now prevented from archiving a matter if there are billable disbursements.

CRE-3186 | Prevent files being archived with pending time entries

Users can no longer archive matters with pending time entries.

CRE-3154 | Saved Scheduled jobs not holding the division after saving

Fixed issue where it was not possible to set a division on a scheduled job.

CRE-3165 -Can't open Transaction Details from Office Journal Screen

Fixed issue when attempting to access transaction details on the Office Journal screen.

CRE-3217 | Client to Office Transfer Screen Missing 'Internal' Tick box in Scottish Rules [Scotland Only]

Fixed issue where the Internal transfer option was not visible when performing a Client to Office Transfer in the Scottish configuration.

CRE-3529 | Matter financial tab may contain outdated figures

Fixed issue that may sometimes cause the matter’s financial screen to show outdated balances.

CRE-3546 | Client to Office transfer screen returning unexpected results

Resolved search parameters not always being applied correctly to the Trust/Client to Office screen

ESC-825 | Matter-Matter Transfer freezing the system

Added significant performance improvements to the Matter to Matter Transfer view when multiple rows are present.

ESC-844 | Matter to Matter transfer screen not picking up balances correctly

Resolved issue where balances were not populated when matter number is typed into the Matter to Matter transfer screen.

ESC-937 | Importing allocations on the Record Transaction Screen throws an error

Resolved error when importing Account transactions for the Office Journal.

ESC-238 | Ability to print ledger transfer report from ledger screen

Added option to print a report for a ledger transfer transaction on the the office journal screen.



CRE-2346 | Matter List Report performance enhancements

Updated the performance of the Matter List Report

CRE-3115 | Updated client name not reflected on the Matter List Report

Resolved issue where updated name was not syncing to the Matter List Report data set.

CRE-3131 | Clean-up of Consolidated Matter Ledger Report

Fixed several display issues in the Consolidated Matter Ledger Report 

CRE-3133 | Aged debtors report filters out matter credits less than 0.50

Fix rounding issue in Aged debtors report so that matter credits of .50 or less are not excluded.

CRE-3155 | Aged WIP Report Acting Person Not Showing

Fixed issue where Aged WIP report was not displaying the Acting Person correctly.

CRE-3159 | Timeouts for Bank Reconciliation reports

Improved performance of bank reconciliation reports.

CRE-3162 | Invoice Issued Report frequently times out

Improved performance of Invoice Issued Report

CRE-3167 | Profit & Loss Report Level 1 should show subtotal for accounts with sub account

Added the ability to show a subtotal for accounts with sub accounts.

CRE-3172 | General report data missing for matters created on same date as created date filters

Improved the handling of less than/greater than operators on date fields in general reports. 

CRE-3182 -Opening Balance is being duplicated on Journal Viewer - Print Transactions

Prevented the balance from duplicating on the default print transaction report.

CRE-3183 | Deselecting all Cost Centre options in Profit & Loss report does not populate Budget column

Fixed issue where budgets weren’t populated when all cost centre options were disabled.

CRE-3191 | Debtors report filtering enhancements

Debtors report to have the ability to also report on 'Assisting Person' on top of the existing ‘Responsible person’ and ‘Acting person’

CRE-3287 | Transaction Journal Report timing out

Improved the performance of the Transaction Journal Report.

CRE-3193 | Export Reports not retaining underlying data type

Export reports now set the data type in excel for various data types.

CRE-3196 | Update High Volume Matter Listing Report, Advanced Invoice List Report, Advanced Matter Summary Report from xls to xlsx

Excel based accounting reports now export to xslx format.

CRE-3200 | VAT analysis report needs to show the correct VAT rate based on region

Ensured that the VAT Analysis report shows the correct VAT rate.

CRE-3203 | General Ledger Report Template | overlapping fields

Fixed issue in default General Ledger Report where fields were overlapping and not rendering correctly.

CRE-3293 | Employee Name and Department changes not appearing on matter reports

Resolved issue where the employee’s name or department changes may not reflected on the accounting screens and reports.

ESC-463 | Nominal Analysis Report error on run [IE/UK Only]

Resolved issue with IE/UK Nominal Analysis Report not generating as expected in certain circumstances.    

ESC-845 | Order of General Reports Parameters is not respected

Resolved ordering issues in report parameters when re-ordered.

ESC-880 | Matter listing report does not respect Balances as at criteria [IE/UK Only]

Resolved issue in IE/UK region Matter Listing Report where the WIP balance was not respecting the As At criteria.

ESC-943 | Make Client Name available in Consolidated Tax report customisations 

Updated the Consolidated Tax Report to allow for a client name column.

Precedent H [UK Only]

CRE-2703 | Precedent H - Phase 2

A complete rewrite of the Precedent H solution. For more information see the detailed guide on the helpdesk portal.


CRE-2000 | Dashboard firm snapshot showing incorrect open and closed matters

Fixed issue where Dashboards were showing the incorrect number of opened and closed matters on the Firm Metrics widget.

CRE-2751 | Dashboard | Fees Billed & Budget to display for current financial year

Fixed issue where the fees billed and budget information was not correctly aligned to the financial year.

Matter/Client Properties

CRE-2358 | Client reference format updates

Updated the client reference code to exclude special character such as the apostrophe and ampersand 

CRE-2584 | Date field to accept a larger allowable date range

Updated date fields on matters/clients to support dates after 2079. 

NOTE: This requires a schema customisation to implement.

CRE-3074 | Other Email defaulting as the primary contact for entities

Resolved issue where the Client Summary was only showing the secondary email for the client. 


CRE-3089 | Object reference error when saving matter from the financials tab

Resolved issue where error was thrown when saving a matter from the Financials tab.


CRE-3113 | Allow the Hyperlink renderer to accept text replacement variables from a matter

Updated matter property values to be replaced in URL links in Matter Properties. 

I.e. https://www.google.com/search?q=<MatterName>

CRE-3156 | Cursor jumping on percentage fields

Fixed issue where input cursor was jumping to the wrong location while the user enters a value.

CRE-3171 -Newline in notes field removed on creation

Fixed issue where note style fields were stripping out the newline characters on save.

CRE-3174 | Switching between activity explorer and matter properties creates an error

Fixed issue causing the system to throw an exception if the user attempted to switch directly between matter properties and the activity explorer.

CRE-3177 | Matters cannot open if they have a special character in a memo field

Fixed issue where specific characters were causing PracticeEvolve to be unable to open the matter record.

CRE-3185 | Time Field doesn't work with calculated field

Fixed issue where time fields were not populated correctly by calculations. 

CRE-3189 | DataDriven Properties should continue to load even if the accounts properties cannot be populated.

Fixed an issue that caused the matter details to fail to display when accounting properties were unavailable.

CRE-3284 | Client Title not displaying correctly if preferred name uses '&' character

Client view header now correctly displays & characters when in the client name. Requires the record to be resaved to fix for existing clients

CRE-3311 | Preferred Client Address and Details by Matter

Allow the Client’s preferred settings for schema items like address and contact numbers to be changed at matter level. 

NOTE: This requires a schema change that may not be compatible with existing Address data.

ESC-295 | Converting to a matter type that hasn't been used before shows a blank Category when the matter is opened

Resolved issue where the matter type information of newly created matter types was not syncing correctly to the accounting system in certain circumstances.

ESC-400 | Deleted matters should not show on AML tab

Updated the AML module tab to no longer show deleted matters.

ESC-332 | Referencing for entities that start with a number

Updated client references to exclude numbers at the start of the client name from the prefix to provide more user-friendly references.

ESC-925 | Client Activity Explorer throws exception when loading client activity

Resolve issue causing error message when reviewing client activity in certain circumstances.

ESC-1007 | Matter Properties are wiped when matter's Financials Tab is Saved

Resolved issue where certain matter properties could be wiped when saving the matter from the Financials tab.    


CRE-2900 | New Right-Click Option to Move Documents (Including Searches) to an Associated Entity

Added functionality to the matter document screen:

Right click on a document and ‘Copy to associated Entity’ which will send a copy of the document to the entity’s document store.

Right click on a checked out document and ‘Move to associated Entity’ which will move the document to the entity’s document store and remove it from the matter store.

On the Searches tab on a matter you can now

Move or copy the documents attached to a search to the Entity associated with that matter.

CRE-3117 | Prevent 0 Byte Files from being added to DMS

New option to prevent adding new files with 0 size, this option should be used for iManage integrated sites. 

CRE-3161 | Checking out a document of type .olf throws an error

Fixed issue checking out .olf files.

CRE-3175 | Doc content won't index when there is a split archive

Fixed issue preventing documents from indexing correctly when stored in a split archive.

CRE-3179 -Import Folder help text incorrect

Fixed minor UI issue in the Import Folder screen.

CRE-3181 | Document Date not populating when importing document from library

Fixed issue where Document Date was not being set when documents are generated from the Precedent library.

CRE-3188 | Document Show History | Time value missing

Fixed issue where Document History screen was no longer showing the timestamp of changes.

ESC-379 | Warn user when PDF is too big to split

Added warning when PDF is too large for the system to split.

The default warning level is set at x Mb.

The warning level can be configured by speaking to our support team.

ESC-392 | Internal Mail - Sent items - Action column not populated

Updated documents to populate the action column, for those that have been sent via internal mail.


CRE-2603 | InLineForEach does not support a Where Clause

InlineForEach tag now supports the where syntax 

I.e. < InlineForEach … where[‘{FieldName}’="{Value}"]>.

ESC-136 | Document Library Import Form column widths not saving

Updated the Tag Replacements screen when importing documents from the library to remember column widths.

ESC-847 | Related Tags on Tag Interview Screen not populating with options

Resolved issue where Related Choice Tags were not populating as expected.

ESC-920 | Add email from Library does not populate EvolveID in email body.

Resolved Word documents converted to email not receiving an evolve id added for filing purposes


CRE-3013 | Ensure InfoTrack Workflow Activity Only Runs on Matters

Infotrack Workflow element now only runs when workflow is running against a matter object to prevent errors.

CRE-3142 | Workflow new document activity text replacement not working

Fix text replacement issues when using New Document workflow activity.

CRE-3149 | Workflow User assignment in nested ForEach issue.

Fixed issue where Workflow user assignment was failing inside certain nested loops.

CRE-3153 | Em Dash Throws Error In Workflow

Fixed issue where an em dash (‘-‘) could cause the workflow template to fail to save correctly. 

CRE-3158 -Workflow Foreach over client attributes issue

Fixed issue where workflows could not iterate over client properties.

CRE-3206 | Remove Random File Name in Workflow

Fixed issue where workflow generated documents were generating with a random file name.

ESC-471 | Email element not picking up carriage returns

Carriage returns entered within the Message attribute of an Email workflow element are now respected.

ESC-912 | Emails sent do not auto file when sent from email workflow activity

Updated Emails sent from a workflow to now auto file.


CRE-2778 | Sectioned Page numbering in Templated PDF Briefs doesn't flow like the TOC

Fixed issue where templated table of contents were not displaying the correct section numbers. 

CRE-2913 | Warn users when brief contains unpublishable documents

Added a warning before generating a brief if that brief would contain documents that the system cannot convert to PDF. We recommend that unsupported files are converted to PDF within their native product, the following file types are supported: .docx, .doc, .rtf, .html, .htm, .dot, .dotx, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .png, .tif, .tiff, .pdf, .txt, .mht, .msg, .eml, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .url, .wpd

CRE-3002 | Populate a hyperlink to a TOC tag for Templated Briefs

Templated bundles now include hyperlinks in the Table of Contents page. 

NOTE: The option to create Templated Word bundles has been removed

CRE-3164 | Brief bookmarks direct rotated scan documents to the incorrect page.

Fixed issue with bookmarks pointing to the wrong location on rotated scans.

CRE-3166 | Cover sheet for combine documents doesn't work

Fixed error when adding a cover sheet to a combined document.

CRE-3267 | Brief pages enlarged

Fixed brief issue where some pages were zoomed in.

CRE-3268 | Brief page numbering incorrect when there is more than one page for table of contents

Correct issue with bundle page numbering when a large table of contents is created.

ESC-865 | Adding Emails to Brief does not add the attachments immediately below the parent email

Updated emailing with child attachments so those attachments are added to the brief directly after the original parent email. NOTE: Email attachments must be added independently from the parent email.


CRE-2846 | Enable Permission Control for Scan Folders

Allow the user or Administrators to deny access to their scan folder, right click the scan folder to access the permissions.

ESC-234 | Filing documents into Prospect from Scans

Added ability to file scans to prospects in addition to Clients and Matters.

Diary and Tasks

CRE-2266 | Allow Tasks list to be viewed by Role

General enhancements that allow tasks to be filtered by user Roles.

CRE-2267 | Allow Tasks list to be viewed by Ad Hoc Grouping

General enhancements that allow tasks to be filtered by Ad Hoc groups of users.

CRE-2596 | Add select all button to the User Selection Dialog

The Task listing in the Diary screen can now be filtered to all users with a given role, or to users in a specific group, or in any ad hoc grouping the user chooses.

CRE-3135 | Task Reminders can appear on the incorrect matter

Fixed issue where tasks were appearing on the incorrect matter in certain circumstances.

ESC-401 | Adding Priority Column to tasks reverts back after closing matter

Updated the “Priority” column in the Task view for a matter to now redisplay, after closing and re-opening


CRE-2829 | Enable Permissions to be Applied to Conflict Checks

Added permissions to conflict check results.

CRE-2996 | Ensure Directory Searching respects object permissions

Updated Entity permissions checks against the current user when deciding what to show in a Directory Search

CRE-3014 | Add access permissions to Entities

Updated permissions so they can now be added to an Entity in the same way as they are currently added to Clients & Matters

CRE-3015 | Ensure Synchronisation of access permissions Between Client, Contact and Entity

Updated permissions so they can now be selected to be kept in line across an Entity and all linked Clients. This means that an Entity and all its linked Clients can be locked down by changing the Permissions in a single place, rather than having to go to all the Entity & Clients separately.

CRE-3029 | Conflict Check Respects Newly Introduced Entity Permissions

Updated conflict checks. When actioning a Conflict Check the “Conflict Check Options” are used to affect how the report is run. The options are as follows:

“Show All”

All results are shown regardless of the users permissions to access the entries. This is how PE currently works


Any entries the user does not have access to are obfuscated in the view and the report

“Hide and Alert Owner”

Any entries the user does not have permission to access are not shown in the view or the report

A task is created for the Client Partner or the designated person if no Client Partner is found. The task informs the owner that there has been a conflict check run against a secure client they are responsible for

The task tells the owner who ran the Conflict Check

The Conflict Check report can be viewed from the task by right clicking and selecting “Open Link”

“Hide and Alert Designated Person”

This works the same as the “Hide and Alert Owner” but a task is created for the designated person selected in the Options

CRE-3048 | Hide the Alphabet Selection Control for Conflict Check

Updated the Conflict Check to no longer show the Alphabet control.

CRE-3063 | Conflict Check Search Items per page restricted to 200, and paging not loading more

Fixed issue where Conflict check was restricted to only 200 results regardless of user settings.

CRE-3137 | Entities with large numbers of involvements lag when being added as a representative to a matter

Improved the performance of the directory involvements panel to prevent issues when adding representatives to matters.

CRE-3173 | Conflict Check Search returning corrupt PDF

Fixed issue causing a corrupted PDF when creating a conflict check report.

CRE-3187 | Conflict search results resetting

Fixed issue where conflict check results were being reset when sorting the results.

ESC-923 | Starts With Filter in Directory Screen returning results that don’t start with the character

Resolved issue in new directory search engine

Forms Designer

CRE-2694 | Add formula validation for Visibility and Calculation to prevent circular references

Added more verification to the formula editor in the Forms Designer to help prevent known issues with invalid formulas.

CRE-3184 | Modifying a Row causes other fields to disappear when published

Fixed an issue where field locations were incorrectly interpreted by the Forms Designer in certain circumstances.


NOTE: iManage can only be enabled in the onboarding stage for new installations of PracticeEvolve. 

CRE-2649 | iManage single sign on for On Prem sites

Added iManage Single Sign On support to the iManage integration.

CRE-2651 | Allow iManage templates to be assigned per matter type in PE

Added the ability to specify iManage profile templates per matter type in PracticeEvolve.

CRE-2968 | Extend Document property schema to present all iManage custom fields and other standard document fields

Displaying all iManage custom fields and other standard document fields within Document iManage Properties. The specific fields to show can be controlled within the iManage configuration screen.

CRE-2974 | Ensure all fields are correctly populated for iManage documents

Enhanced the capacity to map fields between iManage and Practice Evolve.

CRE-2975 | Pass local filename and path to iManage on Document Checkout

Setting iManage document checkout_path to the local PE document filename and path on document checkout.

CRE-2976 | Create Root and Sub-Folders in iManage with Inherit Security

When creating root or sub-folders within any workspace ensure that they are created with the property default_security set to “inherit". Folder creation is subject to the user’s iManage permissions within any given workspace or folder.

CRE-3000 | Ensure Entity Documents for Supplier Records works with iManage

Making Entity Documents for Supplier Records to work with iManage.

CRE-3026 | Handle iManage Not Being Available When Logging in to Practice Evolve

Added an error message when the iManage Login fails, including the details if available.    

CRE-3084 | Values only show alias not description

Where defined, iManage field aliases and descriptions are presented within the PracticeEvolve dropdown lists on document properties.

CRE-3085 | Acquire Labels for all Custom fields

PracticeEvolve will acquire Labels/Captions for all iManage Custom Fields, please note that the standard email fields of Custom 13 to 16 must also be set.

CRE-3086 | Loading List view removes file extensions in the PE database

Resolved an issue where viewing the document list within PracticeEvolve erroneously removed the file extension.

CRE-3087 | Resolve issue with binding of Class and Subclass

Fixed various bugs in the iManage property sync, please note that both Class and Sub-Class should be defined with the list of visible fields for the binding to work correctly.

CRE-3127 | Inform User when iManage Documents are no longer available

When attempting to check out a document that no longer exists in iManage the user is presented with a helpful message.

CRE-3128 | Document History not Populated for Documents Added via iManage

Fixed issue where document history was not displaying correctly for documents originally added in iManage.

CRE-3272 | Workspace Templates

Extended the application of workspace templates to include Prospects and Conflict Checks.

CRE-3295 | User attribute to link to custom field alias in mappings

The ‘iManage Alias’ field on a user record will be used wherever a PracticeEvolve user field is mapped to an iManage Custom field, where a user field may be mapped to multiple iManage custom fields there must be consistency in the alias values within iManage.

Perfect Portal

CRE-3119 | Perfect Portal Enhancements

Significant enhancements to the Perfect Portal integration. 

See the guide for more information

NOTE: This requires a schema customisation to implement.


NOTE: These features require the updated Outlook Add-in to be installed which is available from within the installed location.

CRE-3132 | Automatic filing of emails does not correctly populate the Evolve column in Outlook

Outlook add in now checks to ensure that the document has not already been filed when you open it. Also ensured that users other than the original filing user are able to autofile.

CRE-3180 | Filing Emails slowness / lagging issues

Fixed issue that caused the filing screen to load very slowly for emails related to multiple matters in the system.

CRE-3489 | Outlook add-in Cost on send window not loading

Resolved the issue where the work item window for editing does not appear after sending



CRE-3176 | Laserforms: Error adding document from Laserform

Fixed issue preventing certain Laserforms documents from generating through the integration.

CRE-3379 | Resolved Oyez Integration Only Seeing and Populating Fields from the First Page

Tag extraction from Oyez Form now collects all tags from each page on an Oyez Form.

ESC-383 | Incorrect Library Reference in LaserFormsSelectorTypeEditor 

Resolved template selection issue on an activity for the WorkFlow Laser Form Activity

ESC-1018 | Laserforms search window All filter not returning results 

Resolved issue with Laserforms search filters.


CRE-3178 | DocuSign tags disappearing when standard precedent tags present

Enhanced the tagging engine to be able to ignore DocuSign tags when present in a precedent document.



CRE-2906 | Rename searches button and branding to InfoTrack or Search Acumen depending on the clients subscription

Updated the 'Searches' tab in the Matter View to now display the Infotrack branding (or Search Acumen where this is being used in the IE/UK region)


CRE-2510 | Fix the ribbon image and consistency

Updated UI consistency.

CRE-3065 | Temp files are not being deleted after use

Fixed issue where server-side temp files were not cleaned up in certain circumstances.

CRE-3112 | Allow the last login date to be recorded in the User schema if a suitable attribute is present

Added system functionality to record the user’s last login date.

NOTE: Requires customisation to apply to existing sites.

CRE-3134 | Remove "Add from Oyez Forms..." from Right Click Context Menu

Ensured the ‘Add from Oyez…’ menu option is hidden when the integration is not enabled.

CRE-3136 | Separating window from PE results in error

Correct error occurring when tabs are moved to a separate window from the main application window.

CRE-3147 | Space character in SQL tablename causes schema not to load

Prevent issue that caused PracticeEvolve to fail to start in certain circumstances.

CRE-3148 | Workflow Archive Documents being downloaded to users c drive.

Fixed an issue that caused workflow related documents to be copied to the root folder of the application drive.

ESC-224 | Checked out documents list is hidden by PE menu when using the Exit option

Resolved an issue causing the Document Check In screen to be hidden when Exiting PE.

ESC-476 | Split services require a restart after creating users

Resolved issue where systems running with the split service configuration would require a restart after creating users.

ESC-882 | Issue saving Employee requires Timezone to be saved twice

Resolved issue where user edit screen would incorrectly prevent saving due to a lack of time zone information, even when correctly set.    

ESC-883 | Roles of newly created users are not syncing across the whole system

Resolved issue where newly created users would not have access to their full permissions.

ESC-972 | Update 'user manual' button to redirect to Freshdesk Support Portal

Updated the user manual button to redirect to Freshdesk support portal.


CRE-2908 | Ensure that the API respects the new permission structure and doesn't expose objects that the user does not have access to

From the API the clients and matters the permissions are checked before returning the details

CRE-3108 | Enhancements to the web portal's document page

Updated performance improvements to the document page in the Web Portal matter view.

CRE-3195 | Record Both Granted and Denied Access Portal Document Link

Document history now contains successful and unsuccessful attempts to view the document via the web portal.

CRE-3198 | Creating a Document Link with "Web Portal | Generate Link" Should Record within Document History

Manual document link creation is now recorded as an event in the document history.

CRE-3201 | Add attribute for archived client with the API

API now has a flag for excluding Archived clients from client results.

CRE-3215 | Cannot update matter date fields via PUT

Fixed issue where certain matter date fields could not be updated via PUT.

CRE-3359 | Document permissions for Web Portal not being saved

Fix to stop Web Portal permissions for a document not being saved correctly.

ESC-904 | Webportal missing Tax on Invoice Fees

Added tax on invoices in the invoice summary view of the Web Portal

ESC-1005 | The search function for both Matter Documents and Matter Invoices Does Not Work

Resolved issue with the inline search for invoices and documents in the Web Portal matter view.    


Revision R10.2 (5.3.2303.3102)

CRE-2074 | Other Email defaulting as the primary contact for entities 

Resolved issue where the second email set on a client was used as their primary, instead of the first

ESC-984 | Mobile service does not start up for hosted clients

Resolved issue preventing the Web Portal and mobile integration from working correctly with EvolveHosted sites

ESC-984 | Unable to open Purchase Details from Manage Purchases

Resolved issue preventing users from viewing Purchase details from Manage Purchases screen

CRE-3002 | Disable TOC hyperlink tag for Templated Briefs in 5.3 R10

Removed this feature from R10 due to issues arising with certain functions in the brief builder. To be re-included in a future release

ESC-1080 | Disable Matter Labels in 5.3 R10

Removed this feature from R10 due to issues arising with some matter properties being cleared when the financials tab was saved. To be reviewed for a future release.

Revision R10 (5.3.2212.217)

CRE-2943 | Invoice Notes Revision 

Fixed issue where created by/created on fields for invoice notes were being overwritten in certain circumstances.

CRE-2940 | Client Care Partner Feature Revisions 

Fixed layout issues for Client Care Partner field on a number of reports. 

CRE-2939 | Accounting Screens Attachments Revisions 

Small revisions and bug fixes for accounting attachments feature covering various screens.

CRE-2998 | Ethical Walls Phase 2 

This is the next phase to create Security Templates that can be applied to Clients and Matters. This phase includes the addition of configuration settings that allow: 

  • The Ethical Wall to be made active 
  • Identifying the User Group that will be applied to all Clients and Matters when the Ethical Wall is activated 
  • Set the default Security Templates to be used for Clients and Matters when the Ethical Wall is activated 
  • In R10 you will have to close and re-open the view to see any newly added Security Template in the Default Security Template drop-down list

CRE-2804 | Expose and clearly identify user fields from the MatterBase, Entity and Client Schemas within security templates 

Permissions for User attributes, for example “Responsible Person”, can now be created in Security Templates. In later changes this will be expanded to the user who is attached to a Client or Matter in the capacity of the User role in the Security Template 

CRE-2800 | Object Permission Report 

A new system report found under Accounting Reports → Performance → Object Permission Report, which will allow users to show permissions for all securable objects in one location. Which users have permission, what specific permissions they have, and which group allow or deny them these permissions are all shown in the report. The report can be filtered by object type (matter, client, etc) as well as to only show allowed permissions, denied permissions, or both. 

CRE-2985 | Entity / Client Permissions 

Security Templates are now applied to Clients and Matters when PE is in the “Closed” Mode 

A user group identified by the user is also applied 

User attributes are applied as part of the Security Template, e.g. Acting Person, Client Partner and these are kept in line with any changes. For example if you changed the Acting Person on a matter and that was part of the Security Template then the previous Acting Person would be replaced with the new one in the permissions 

If a Client is added/changed then any clients attached to the same entity is also changed 

CRE-3027 | Bulk Permission Ribbon doesn’t appear on second use 

Fixed issue where Bulk Permission’s toolbar item was not showing on subsequent openings of the view 

CRE-2822 | Instalment Monitoring

New options on the Managed Invoices view that allows the user to create, view, amend and remove Instalment Plans 

New columns added to the Managed Invoice view 

  • Last Receipt Date 
  • Instalment Overdue

User can now limit the Managed Invoice list to only show invoices with Instalment Plans via the Search options 

CRE-2963 | Manage Invoices - Performance Review 

Improved loading times for Manage Invoices view. 

CRE-2926 | Add support for Client and Debtor status in Debtor Notices search 

Filter on Debtor Notice search bar can now exclude invoices with specific Client Debtor Statuses 

CRE-2923 | Debtor Notices - exclude Instalment plan invoices 

Filter on Debtor Notice search bar can now exclude invoices with instalment plans. 

CRE-2934 | Bank Import - Load Unmatched items and unreconciled cashbook items 

Unmatched transactions are now appended to any list currently displayed in “Import Bank Transactions”, rather than replacing the existing list. “Side by side reconciliation” option can now be selected and in this mode, all unreconciled journal entries for accounts of all listed transactions will be added to the right hand pane. 

CRE-2933 | Bank Import - Allow 'Post New' function from side by side matching 

Right click context menu added to Import Bank Transaction View for Side-by-side reconciliation mode to allow New Post action. Opens up Office (or Client) Payment (or Receipt) posting screen and partially populates. [Note: The behaviour is the same as selecting the “Advanced” button in the New Posting panel.] 

CRE-2928 | Bank Import - Remember full import history of every file import 

The Bank Import feature now keeps track of the import history, allowing the user to return to a previous import and unmatched transactions 

CRE-2802 | New High Volume Matter Listing Report 

A new Matter Listing Report designed for instances with a larger number of matters. This report shows the same key data as existing Matter Listing reports but should complete much faster and with a reduced number of columns returned. Namely: 

  • Matter Reference 
  • Client Name
  • Matter Description
  • Fee Earner (Acting Person)
  • Debtor Value
  • Unbilled Disbursements
  • Matter Credits
  • Office Balance
  • Client Balance
  • Deposit Balance
  • WIP

CRE-2990 | Barclays Bank Statement Import

Added support for Barclays bank transaction imports from CSV files

CRE-2931 | HSBC BACS Payment Export 

HSBC BACS Payment Export added to the UK configuration. Written to comply with HSBC spec.  

CRE-3008 | Cheque Requisitions Approve/Issue or cancelling a cheque throws an error 

Fixed issue in cheque requisitions screen where cancelling a cheque could cause errors in specific circumstances 

CRE-2989 | Advanced Search Save and Reset Buttons showing in search bars without functionality enabled 

Bug fix to remove the Save and Reset buttons from all search bars other than Manage Invoices, as the underlying functionality has yet to be enabled for the other screens. 

CRE-3036 | Expose Priority Style Name on Task Lists 

Users can now see the name of the applied task style in a new column in the Diary/Tasks and Matter/Tasks views called 'Priority Style'.  

CRE-3035 | Newly created and updated groups available in the Diary Tasks view 

Newly created user groups will now appear in the diary tasks user selector without restarting the PracticeEvolve client 

CRE-2838 | Scanning Config for site and user 

Allow admin user to setup scan folder location and autocreation of scan folders for new users. Any new folders will be created by the service account running the PracticeEvolve document service. 

CRE-2781 | Prepopulated task type info for outgoing and incoming emails 

Practice Evolve Options ->Office Integration. Added new per user options for setting default task types on new time entries when sending and filing emails. 

CRE-2980 | Workflow activity to create document management system folders 

Enabling creation of folders inside Practice Evolve through a Workflow activity. 

CRE-2810 | Enable Permissions to be Configured through Workflow 

New workflow element that sets user access permissions on Matters and Clients. 

CRE-3007 | Auto Start Workflow should show all common attributes across all matters 

The Autostart Workflow screen now displays all the common matter attributes as options for triggersShape 

CRE-2825 | App for Creating Matters and Clients from CSV 

A standalone app that utilises the PracticeEvolve REST API to create Clients and Matters in the system. 

ESC-506 | ASB Bank Statement Import [New Zealand Only] 

The New Zealand configuration of PracticeEvolve now contains an ASB bank file importer. 

ESC-863 | Apply Interest function failing for Null Invoice Due Dates 

Fixed issue where invoices with no dates caused errors in the apply interest screen.

ESC-515 | Fee Earner Analysis Utils Parallel Threading issue 

Resolved an issue where aging analysis data would calculate incorrectly under certain configurations. 

ESC-852 | Import Disbursements - PE Standard format hits error when processing Servicing Date [UK Only] 

Resolved issue for systems with the UK region set in Windows being unable to import disbursements using import csv function.

ESC-838 | Directory search not returning any results 

After the change in CRE-2375 released in 5.3 R8 fixed and error where directory search was not returning any results in certain circumstances.

ESC-765 | 'Change User Password' button on PE settings breaks profile 

The Change User Password button removed from the options screen. Users can still edit their account by clicking on the account name in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

ESC-500 | Bad character in list will break the overlay for forms designer 

Fixed issue where irregular characters could be copied into forms designer and break the resulting overlay file. 

ESC-873 | Mobile API fails to start due to configuration initialization issue 

Fixed issue preventing the Mobile API from starting in certain circumstances. 

ESC-859 | Reminder Notification popup causing software to hang 

Fixed rare issue where users with follow up notifications could not log in to PracticeEvolve. 

ESC-503 | Cannot use "forgot password" option on the Web Portal

Resolves issues where Client users cannot reset their password using the forgot password button in the web portal.  

NB: This option is only for external ‘Client’ users of the web portal and will not work for internal employees.

The below items related specifically to the iManage integration which is currently only available for clients in the pilot program.

CRE-2982 | Ensure Objects in PE Open Regardless of iManage Permissions  

Client and Matters in PE can be opened regardless of iManage workspace permissions. 

CRE-2981 | Disable Document "Edit Security" Option when Linked to iManage 

Disabling the document "Edit Security" option when it is linked to iManage. 

CRE-2973 | Pull Document Class and Subclass from Library and allow updating on the generated document. 

Pull the iManage document class and subclass from Library and allow updating on the generated document within the Properties window. 

CRE-2970 |  iManage - Check and Warn if Document is In Use Before Check-Out 

Check if a document is in use in iManage and warn the user when checking-out. 

CRE-2967 | Include iManage Document ID within available columns on all document windows 

Including iManage document ID within available columns on all document windows.

Revision R9 (5.3.2211.923)

CRE-2821 | Invoice Notes (Credit Control Notes)

When managing Invoices, the notes feature has been extended to allow multiple notes to be added. Each note is automatically stamped with the User and Date of the note, once entered notes cannot be edited or deleted. The ‘Latest Note’ field can be added via the ‘Column Chooser’ within invoice screens to display the most recent note.

CRE-2941 | Popup Timer Timesheet Tag Revisions

The popup timer will now only show you the tags belonging to your user in PE.

CRE-2938 | System Verification Report (UK/IE Only) Revisions

Resolved issues in the System Verification Report. Ledger balance has been corrected. Values from time periods now incorporated into total.

CRE-2937 | Supplier Invoice Due Date Revisions

Due date on recording a purchase is now based on invoice date rather than the entry date and is set according to supplier credit term settings.

CRE-2932 | Allow Import of Bank Of Scotland Statements

Allow Bank of Scotland transaction file to be imported to the system.

CRE-2927 | Bank Import - Allow matching statement line to any unreconciled entry

If the new “side by side reconciliation” option is selected on the “import bank transaction file” view, then two data grids are presented; one for transactions from the file and one for unreconciled journal entries that match the transaction accounts. 

Each row of each grid has a selection column which offers a check box. For each account present in the transaction list, if the sum total of selected entries' amounts does not balance between the two views when “Import” is selected, then an error message will be presented to the user; otherwise all selected journal entries will be set to matched. 

Selected transactions are treated as if “Match existing” had been selected. Matched Journal Entries will now appear in the Bank Reconciliation View with the Reconcile column ticked.

CRE-2925: HSBC import file format for bank reconciliation

Functionality to import bank reconciliations from a HSBC Bank transaction excel file format download

CRE-2911 | Introduce a Restriction to Prevent Requisitions from being created on a Matter

Created an alert setting which can prevent a user from creating a payment requisition for matter with a specific client status

CRE-2890 | Scottish Accounts Rules - Combined Balance - Regression Testing failure

Adds the Combined Balance field to the Matter Analysis Cube (relevant for Scottish firms using the Combined Balance option)

CRE-2823 | Credit Controllers Feature

Users can be marked as Credit Controllers, with rules that determine which matters they are responsible for. Invoices/debtor notices can be filtered according to the responsible credit controller.

CRE-2822 | Instalment Monitoring

This feature adds:

  • New options on the Managed Invoices view that allows the user to create, view, amend and remove Instalment Plans
  • New columns added to the Managed Invoice view
    1. Last Receipt Date
    2. Instalment Overdue
  • User can now limit the Managed Invoice list to only show invoices with Instalment Plans via the Search options

CRE-2798 | Create Client Level Permissions from the UI

Users can now be restricted from being able to access Clients in a similar way that they can be restricted from Matters

CRE-2794 | Hide Party/Representative Information from Client view in the Web Portal

We now hide party and representative information from the client logins to the web portal. Lawyers/Admins can still see this information.

CRE-2774 | Save previous filters on Manage Invoices screen

2 new buttons have been added to the advanced search dropdown view in the Managed Invoices view. The Save button will save a per user config of the current search filters which will then be applied as the default when re-opening the view. The Reset button will delete the saved config for that user and revert back to the system default filters

CRE-2759 | Bill to Limit Feature added to the Invoice Adjust Items screen

Allow for a bill-to amount to be set when issuing a bill so that the system will only add billable items such that the limit is not exceeded. Also see CRE-2673: Percentage of WIP Selector on Adjust Invoice Screen.

CRE-2673 | Percentage of WIP Selector on Adjust Invoice Screen

Allow for a bill-to percentage to be set when issuing a bill so that the system will only add billable items such that the limit is not exceeded. Also see CRE-2759: Bill to Limit Feature added to the Invoice Adjust Items screen.

CRE-2671 | Recovery Rates Report

Added a new Report to allow clients to analyze Recovery Rates at various levels of the organization.

CRE-2621 | Allow Users to filter on Client and Matter Labels across multiple screens

Allow matters and clients to be grouped according to labels for filtering and reporting

CRE-2566 | Legal Aid - Clinical Negligence (UK Only)

Added Clinical Negligence to the matter types covered by the PracticeEvolve UK Legal Aid module. 

CRE-2457 | New 'General Reports' and 'Hyperlink Reports' Dashboard Widgets

Allowing the creation of General Reports and adding Hyperlinks Reports from the Dashboard.

CRE-2455 | Notification when a matter goes over the Estimated Fees threshold

A new notification will appear in the ToDo panel for the users when a matter they are responsible or acting for breeches a fee or disbursement estimate thresholdAn additional option is available under Accounting Options > My Preferences to disable the notification. By default, the notifications are switched off.


CRE-2454 | iManage Custom1 and Custom2 Metadata Population

Adding metadata to an iManage workspace when a new object is created in Practice Evolve: Metadata for Entity, Client, Prospect, Matter, Conflict Check and Custom fields.NB. This is the first phase in the population of iManage metadata.

CRE-2442 | New ‘Update Debtor Plan’ Workflow Activity

New Workflow activity added to allow changing the debtor plans associated with clients. The ‘Update Debtor Plan’ activity can be found in the ‘Accounts’ folder within the workflow designer.

CRE-2339 | Client Interest - Global Interest Transfer

New icon ‘Calculate All Matters Interest’ added to the ‘Client’ menu allowing client interest to be calculated in bulk on matters, matters must be marked as accruing interest by using the ‘Client Interest Accrued’ checkbox within a matters ‘Financials’ tab.

CRE-2268 | Create a configuration tab for setting up task priorities

Administrators can now access a new ‘Task Priority’ tab in ‘User Options’ that allows the text of tasks to be formatted based on the priority of a given task. Note that only one style can be defined per priority.

NB. When configuring styles, administrators should ensure that the colouring they use is suitable for all users.

CRE-2265 | Allow Tasks list to be viewed by User Groups

When using the ‘Find User’ window in Diary a new panel is visible at the bottom of the window that allows the selection of a user group, thus allowing tasks to be viewed and managed by groups of users rather than by individual.

CRE-2152 | Find Tags does not pick up all tags in documents

Enhancements to the ‘Update Tags’ utility within Libraries, such that all tags should now be displayed.

CRE-1304 | Daily Time Target Feature

Within ‘Fee Targets’ on the ‘Accounts’ tab of an Employee record it is now possible to set targets in several ways for both timed chargeable and non-chargeable time, with options for:

  • Fixed Daily
  • Fixed Weekly
  • Variable Daily

CRE-74 | Bulk purchase payment option on the manage purchases screen

A new ‘Bulk Payment’ option is now available from the Office > Manage Purchases menu, this allows accounts teams to more efficiently pay purchases.

ESC-915 | Forms Designer Removes the Class Element from the TextFormatter Attribute when Modifying a Field

Resolves an issue where, in certain circumstances, publishing changes to a form could break existing calculations where those calculations were performed by calculation engines not currently supported in the Forms Designer.

ESC-585 | Suppliers UI issue - fields overlapping

Resolves an issue where the UI for entering Supplier details had overlapping fields.

ESC-380 | Representative Tag goes missing

Resolves an issue where Representative/Contact information on a matter would become unavailable both in the UI and in tagged precedents until the services were restarted.

ESC-320 | Default Journal not selected in dropdown by default

Resolves an issue when opening the Bank Reconciliation screen where the oldest journal was being selected incorrectly, instead of the default journal.

ESC-315 | Forms Designer - Doesn't allow a - in the matter category

Resolves an issue where the user was unable to create new matter types with hyphens in the category or instance.

ESC-193 | Aged cost recovery report doesn't work when cube is enabled

Resolves an issue where the Cube Report functionality prevented the Aged Cost Recovery Report from correctly processing the required data.

ESC-178 | Filter button for 'show history' date and 'show usage' when gives error and orange x

Resolves an issue in the ‘Show Usage' and ‘Show History’ views in the Document Library where users were unable to sort or filter by the date columns without breaking the view.


Revision R8 (5.3.2209.1403)

CRE-2901 | Due on Date Disappearing on Record Purchase Screen

Fixed issue when entering a supplier invoice via ‘Record Purchase’, the Due on Date is populated automatically based on the supplier credit terms and the date of the invoice (second screenshot). However, when an invoice number is entered, the Due On (date) disappears.

CRE-2892 | Sync Supplier Emails from Accounts to Docs on Save

The system will now sync two entity emails from the documents system to the accounting system for suppliers and all other entities.

CRE-2889 | (IE/UK) System Verification Report Enhancements

Ledger Balance for Trade Creditors was originally taken from the value of the Total field in the Aged Creditors Report. But the calculation of that field is a sum of other values, including the Debits value. So that the Debits value no longer used in the sum calculation for Ledger Balance for Trade Creditors in the System Verification Report and so now matches correctly with the Nominal balance.

The value for the Nominal Client Deposit field is now subtracted from the Nominal Client Balance.

CRE-2888 | Client Care Partner Field Fixes

Fixed issues with the field not being properly visible on a number of reports and screens.

CRE-2886 | Accounting Screens Attachments Fixes

Cleaned up a few issues in the attachment selectors and attachment grid view columns to make the behaviour more consistent.

CRE-2821 | Invoice Notes 

Invoice notes is now a table and keeps a record of who added the note and when.

CRE-2777 | Web Portal settings screens should show a scroll bar when applicable

Web portal settings screen now shows scroll bars for smaller resolution screen.

CRE-2770 | Matters with historical nested child workflows cannot open the tasks list

Improved the performance of loading the data for the show workflow instances screen on matters.

CRE-2757 | Archived matter deletion mechanism

  • Users can logically delete multiple matters that are completed, archived and passed their date of destruction. This is the equivalent action to the current delete matter process which can only be run for single matters
  • Users can permanently delete multiple matters that are completed, archived and passed their date of destruction. Database rows aren't deleted but text data is wiped making this a non-reversible action.

Note. Only matters meeting the criteria will be displayed in the bulk delete list i.e. the ‘Date of Destruction’ must be populated and must be in the past.

CRE-2746 | ForEach on a table from the Firm Details screen

User can now run a ForEach tag against data held on tables on the Firm Details screen.

CRE-2674 | Group Membership Discounts feature

“Group Discounts” can be recorded against a matter. The “Group Discounts” are automatically applied to the invoice and the invoice is automatically updated as changes are made.

“Group Discounts” do not apply to new items added on adjust invoice screen.

CRE-2840 | Include uncleared funds when warning the user about Client account overdraw for payment requisitions

User will now be warned on creating a requisition that would overdraw the client account.

CRE-2841 | Warn the user if the requisition cannot be satisfied using the unprotected balance of the Matter

The user can now have the system warn them if there will not be enough money in the client account to satisfy a requisition if the matter balance less protected funds is not enough to cover the request. 

CRE-2842 | Option to warn on Office balance going into credit

In Accounting Options → General the user can select an option to ‘Prevent Office Credit Balance’ this will warn the user when a Office Receipt, Trust to Office Transfer or Matter Credit note will place the matter office balance in credit.

CRE-2647 | iManage Beta release

Initial release of iManage integration. This integration is only available to new deployments of PracticeEvolve. 

CRE-2639 | Perfect Portal integration Beta release

Initial release of the Perfect Portal integration. This integration is currently only available to clients in the testing group.

CRE-2604 | Adjusting the values of a billed anticipated disbursement fails if bill is in closed period

Resolved issue where billed anticipated disbursements couldn’t be adjusted if it was initially recorded in a closed period. The disbursement is now adjusted as at the current date.

CRE-2448 | Automated remittance advice emails

Add option to automatically send remittance advice pdf to supplier on purchase payment posting from the Pay Purchases screen. In v1 of this feature the option is global and there is no capacity for the email to have any body text.

CRE-2445 | Add a client level status that prevents postings

The alerts system can now be configured to prevent Recording Time Entries, Transaction Posting and Create Matters. There are two new conditions - Client Status and Matter Category/Instance.

CRE-2440 | Nickname for time entries

Users can create cosmetic ‘tags’ in the Accounting options screen on a per user basis. These can be assigned to time entries to find them quickly later. 

CRE-2298 | Issue where Client to Office transfer "Import Transfer List" throws an exception

Fixed null reference error with this feature.

CRE-2187 | Bank Import - Add more editable fields for the Post New action

The “Import Bank Transactions” view when “Post New” is selected now has enterable fields so the matching posting entry can be created from within the view.

There is an “Advanced” button which takes the user to the “Modify Payment” view, this is the current way “New Post” entries are added.

From the “Import Bank Transactions” view when “Post New” is selected the user will be able to add the matching posting entry from within the same screen.

CRE-2153 | Ensure Document Links Provided by API expire + restrict access

The API and WebPortal now share documents based on temporary download links. All document downloads via the portal now require the user to be logged in and have access to the matter.

To create a temporary download link, there is now a sub menu option (“Generate link…“) under “Web Portal” in the right click menu in the document explorer. Access to this is restricted as a role feature with the CREATE permission. The user needs to choose an expiry date and time for the link, but this is defaulted to 24 hours. The link uses an encrypted token of the expiration time as well as the document GUID so it is not possible to access the link beyond the expiration time without knowing the encryption key. The URL is not stored anywhere as all information required is in the link itself.

The existing Web Portal right click sub menu option for Permissions is also now updated to use the same role feature permission system with a permission type of UPDATE. A minor UI bug is also fixed where if a user did not have permission for any Web Portal sub menu option, the parent menu command still appeared.

CRE-1973 | Allow the main tasks view to be filtered by Group

Users can now filter the Diary/Tasks view by Group as well as individual users.

CRE-804 | Update Directory search to use index based search

The directory has been enhanced to replicate the search functionality that was previously only found within Practice Explorer.

Lucene search terms can now be used to carry out a far more powerful search within the directory, typical examples include:

  • Bob Smith, returns all Bobs and all Smiths.
  • +Bob +Smith, returns all records that contain Bob and Smith.
  • +Bob +Smith~, returns all records that contain Bob and Smith and accommodates variations to the spelling of Smith.
  • +Bob +Smith -Simon, returns all records that contain Bob and Smith but excludes any that also include Simon.

Whilst the examples noted above focus on searching for a name the search extends to many entity fields allowing you to search for emails and phone numbers etc.

NB. Allow time for re-indexing after upgrade otherwise directory search won't work.

ESC-465 | Forms Designer - Editrole attribute not saving

Editrole now saves correctly when edited in Forms Designer.

ESC-450 | Modify pop up when enabling MFA for all users

Changed wording of text on MFA pop-up screen.

ESC-412 | Floating Timer ignoring Non-Billable flag

Floating timer now respects non-billable flag.

ESC-387 | Email Workflow Activity doesn't Include Evolve ID in Email Body

Workflow emails now add the conversation guid to the body of the email to allow for auto filing of responses.

ESC-386 | New Email within Practice Explorer doesn't Include Evolve ID

New emails created in the practice explorer now add the conversation guid to the body of the email to allow for auto filing of responses.


Revision R7 (5.3.2207.2104)

CRE-2775 | Edit Transaction Descriptions

The description on a transaction can now be edited after it has been posted.

CRE-2773 | Fee Earner Performance Collection report

CRE-2772 | Add Quick File to additional accounting reports

The following reports can now be quick filed back to their matters:

• CMA/Investment Payment

• CMA/Investment Receipts

• Matter Requisitions

• Draft invoice

• Receipt Lodgement Form

• File Cover Sheet

• Matter Details Report

• Matter related Cheque Requisitions

CRE-2760 | Conflict Check Search filter issues

Conflict check search filter:

1. “User” - unable to filter by user, this is now fixed

2. “Date” - This is fine, dates must be searched for in a range. You just have to search > previous date AND < next day.

3. “Like/!Like” a string - Need to use “%” character for this to work

CRE-2758 | Allow user to unlink a disbursement allocation

Add an Unlink Disbursement Allocation to reverse a Client-To-Office transfer for a disbursement

CRE-2747 | Defaulting Email Notifications for Web Portal

Defaults email notification settings for new users on the web portal to those shown in the attached screenshot.

Also enables functionality for notification emails to be sent in the event of document uploads via the web portal. Uploaded documents can also be attached to the notification
emails, this is controllable via config. This is found under Admin Portal Settings —> Features (shown below)

CRE-2730 | Add more column options in the debtor notice screen

The Debtor Notice search view has the 3 additional columns available for invoices:

• Debtor Stage

• Debtor Plan

• Client/Trust Balance

CRE-2725 | GMA - 27 Update the Report to show the Combined Balance

When the combined balance configuration is set, the combined balance is now displayed for the following:

• Client/Trust Trial Balance Report

• Client/Trust Overdraw Report

• Matter Summary Report

• Matter Listing Report

and also when viewing the surplus balance in the dashboard

CRE-2722 | GMA - 27 Add Combined Balance column to matters search screen

If “Enabled Combined Ledger View” is checked, in Accounting Options —> Scotland configuration, we will see a combined Balance column rather than Office and Trust
Balance columns.

CRE-2700 | Generate an oft tempate email with HTML formatting intact

Preserve email formatting when generating from an .oft format template

CRE-2515 | Document Charge Rate Tagging

We can now see Rate Tags by creating new entries in Billing Rates, for different entities such as client/employees/matter. By setting Acting Person, Assisting Person, and
Responsible Person in the matter, when we click on “Show Precedent Tags”, new rates will be created for them: Like <ResponsiblePersonUserRate>,
<ActingPersonUserRate>,<ResponsiblePersonUserRate>,<ClientRate>, <MinRate>, <MaxRate>,<MinActingPersonRate>,<MinAssistingPersonRate>,
<MinResponsiblePersonRate>, etc.

CRE-2494 | Ability to add attachment to Supplier Purchases/ Payment

CRE-2493 | Add attachments to Office/Trust Receipt and Payment screens

CRE-2492 | Adding attachments to lodgements

CRE-2490 | GMA -18 Attachments on Accounting Screens

CRE-2465 | GMA - 25 Create a report which will compare key control nominal accounts back to ledger entries to highlight any variances.

Create a report which will compare key control nominal accounts back to ledger entries to highlight any variances.

CRE-2450 | GMA -15 Entering the Invoice number should immediately check if the invoice has already been processed, saving the user the effort to enter all other detail to only then discover the invoice has already been processed.

When creating a Supplier Purchase, entering a duplicate Invoice Number now warns the user immediately of the duplication without having to wait to hit Save.

CRE-2312 | Preferred Address Selection

What did you change/add?

You can now mark preferred address and contact numbers for a client at matter level rather than client level.

What does it help a user do?

This will allow the user to have different preferred addresses for the same client across different matters. This is especially useful for organisations that have multiple

The selected preferred address can be used as a tag

CRE-2102: Add 'Matter Number(s)' as a viewable column on the Bank Reconciliation screen + Bank Reconciliation Statement

What did you change/add?

Any matters that are connected with the bank reconciliation entry are shown in the new “Matter(s)” column

What does it help a user do?

The user will now be able to see all matters involved with an entry

What are the limitations if any?


CRE-2077 | Importing a folder with a lot of documents can cause performance issues.

Prevent sending of notifications for importing folder with a large number of files

CRE-2058 | Detailed Matter Listing Report - Won't run when specific matter category selected

CRE-2046 | Department in the Fee Analysis Cube should now be taken from the work item's Department for that day rather than the employee's department

Department in the Fee Analysis Cube is taken from the work item's Department for that day rather than the employee's department

CRE-1984 | Remember last selected item in Requisition type dropdown

When creating a Payment Request, the last selected value of “Requisition Type” is now remembered when creating a new request.

CRE-1952 | Exclude last modified of contacts from the email list when sending emails

When sending an email the user that last modified a contact is no longer considered when extracting the list of email addresses to display for selection.

CRE-1904 | Auto Bank Reconciliation Improve potential matches giving potential matches in order of match confidence

What did you change/add?

The user will now get an indicator for each row the degree of confidence the system has of a potential match between the bank import csv file and any unmatched entries for
the selected account.

If the amount doesn’t match then the entry will not be considered as a match. The matching is on Amount, Payment Reference, Date and Payee (Other Party). Each match
adds 25 to the confidence rating and is shown to the user as below:

• 100-“Very High”

• 75-“High”

• 50 - “Medium”

• 25-“Low”

What does it help a user do?

This will allow the user to quickly assess the likelihood that the 2 entries are the same and can therefore be reconciled.

What are the limitations if any?

The user should be aware that ultimately it is their responsibility when matching entries and not rely that the system has picked the correct entries ever time. This is more
significant when the confidence rating is a value other than “Very High”

CRE-1879 | Client to Office Transfer process allows duplicate payments against existing Disbursements.

System will prevent multiple allocations to the same disbursement.

CRE-1842 | Automated Bank Reconciliation process (bank import process) does not allow users to untick reconciled bank entries after bank import has been completed.

What did you change/add?

User can now unselect entries in the “Bank Reconciliation” view and after the “Reconcile” button is clicked this will unset the unmatched flag from that entry. This will mean
the entry will be available for reconciling again.

What does it help a user do?

This will allow the user to correct entries selected for reconciliation by mistake without having to request a sql correction.

What are the limitations if any?


CRE-1803 | Paragraph breaks are not coming in for the message set in a email workflow activity

Fixed formatting of paragraph breaks for emails generated from a workflow activity

CRE-1571 | Document version purge option for administrators

A new Storage tab on the Tools Administration page, which allow administrator users to permanently delete/purge intermediate document version, in order to manage and
free up available drive/archive space.

The user is presented with an option to select a specific date range the wish to permanently delete documents, and also specific how many document versions they wish to

Version Audit history is not deleted.

ESC-376 | Responsible/Actina Person Fields used on MatterList

Updates to the fields that refer to the Responsible Person and Acting Person on the Manage Matter screen

ESC-373 | Error when selecting Entity with Pay To field on scheduled job

When amending an already existing Scheduled Job, an error is no longer thrown when re-selecting an Entity for the “Pay To“ field.

ESC-371 | Improve prompt text on the Mark as Paid option for Requisitions

More detailed prompt when selecting “Mark as Paid” for a requisition. The new text for the prompt is now
’’Are you sure you want to mark the selected requisitions as paid without recording any postings?”

ESC-366 | Searching the title column on the Schedule Jobs screen

Scheduled Job items can be searched by their Title on the search bar.

ESC-351 | Clean Workarea on Startup doesn't Run

Update to make clean workarea run on startup. Helps manage local machine/profile space management

ESC-339 | authO does not work when the user does not have internal authentication on

A bug in our authO login process required users to have both authO and internal auth switched on. This is now fixed.

ESC-330 | File scan menu option causing Freezing issues.

Improved the load speed of the drag and drop scan form for users with a lot of clients.

ESC-319 | Sub-Workflow does not generate graphic in Workflow Instance Audit

If a sub-workflow or sub-workflow task is selected through Diary or Workflow Instance

Workflow —> Audit Log. The Graphic will not be blank.

ESC-226 | Supplier entity removed from Directory when updating Entity Type

Updating Entity Type when we create or update a Documatics entity.

ESC-164 | Provide a more refined description of "Replaced Unmatched" for the workflow Activity "New Documents"

Updated definition for “Replace Unmatched” (New Documents) in Workflows

ESC-144 | Last reconcile date changing when clicking SAVE Journal and reverting to the last undone reconciliation date

Avoid overriding the Last Reconciled Date when the user clicks on Save Journal.

ESC-55 | Lodgement search screen enhancements


Manage Lodgements view now includeds a standard looking filter panel that allows the user to filter on:

  • Lodged On date
  • Received On date
  • Created On date
  • Allocation Type
  • Status

Revision R6 (5.3.2205.2620)

CRE-2779 | Archived matter: User should not be able to add/remove documents from archived matter

Users are no longer allowed to add documents to archived/closed matters without having the permission “Cases- Edit Archived”.

CRE-2767 | Matter calculated fields not running when created from API

When a matter is created through the API the fields with calculations are now being run.

CRE-2756 | Create an export to CSV function on the Adjust Items screen of Edit/Issue/Adjust Invoice and add a quick access button on the top ribbon

On the Invoice Adjust Items screen, invoice line items can now be exported to a CSV file for further analysis.

CRE-2743 | Password protected documents not included in Briefs

Users are now prevented from adding a password protected document to a Brief/Bundle, as the content of these documents cannot be extracted.

CRE-2728 | A division is not assigned to reversals

Division value now included in a reversal. This will stop this information being lost when a reversal is entered

CRE-2712 | The tooltip in Accounts Options/Messaging shows the wrong text

The tooltip description on the “Messaging” options tab has been updated to display the correct text.

CRE-2710 | Documents Tab is missing when you open an Entity from AML/CDD 

When opening an Entity from the AML/CDD screen, the Documents tab is now displayed (as per opening an Entity from the Directory).

CRE-2654 | New field available for Clients 'Client Care Partner' 

A new field has been added that allows a PE user to be added to a client’s record to show who is the Client Care Partner for them. The following reports have been changed to allow filtering on this new field:

  • Control Reports
    • Matter Listing Report (Irish and UK clients only)

  • Sales
    • Aged Debtors Report
    • Aged WIP Report Invoice List Report
    • WIP Report

  • Performance
    • Matter Profitability Report
    • Top Clients Report

The new field is not mandatory.

A client can now have a PE user linked to their details to identify who is client care partner for them.

CRE-2447 | Small UI change for supplier screen for clarity

Change the text displayed in the supplier contact from ‘Contact Numbers’ to ‘Contact Details’ to highlight this contains contact details not just contact numbers. This will make it clearer to the user what information can be entered here.

CRE-2446 | View invoice and/or open the matter ledger from the Issue Statement screen

User can now double click on an invoice in the issue statement screen to open a print preview. Context menus for printing and opening the matter are also available on the invoice in the issue statement screen.

CRE-2261 | Assign different email accounts to various functions on the messaging config screen

A new table has been added to the “Messaging” tab in Accounting Options to allow an administrator to specify a different email address for specific PE functions. These are:

  • Debtor Plans
  • Statements
  • Distribute Invoices
  • Purchase Ledger

Note that the default SMTP email address will still be used if no specific email address has been added.

CRE-1658 | Clearer error messages when the Outlook add-in cannot locate a deleted email

Additional Error Logging when Outlook Add-in cannot locate a deleted email

ESC-340 | PDFs stuck on checked out by admin in OCR process

The content indexing process checks out PDFs to OCR them. For servers with TLS encryption turned on the process was unable to check the document back in.

ESC-326 | MFA cannot send emails in 5.3

MFA emails now send correctly.

ESC-322 | Forms Designer Field Properties do not persist

When modifying an attribute in Forms Designer, changes made to the “Properties” table will now save correctly and not reset to default when edited later

ESC-318 | Validate User Creation

When creating a User, trim the string properties to remove extra spaces and remove carriage return and new-lines if any.

ESC-317 | Matters cannot open if they have a special character in the matter name

When creating a Matter, clear all special characters (control characters) of the Matter Name string.

ESC-312 | Scheduled Reports do not generate

Automated scheduled statements would not generate under certain scenarios

ESC-302 | Save as Reminder on Supplier Credit Notes

You can now ‘Save as Reminder’ on a supplier credit note, just as you can in the Office Payments screen

ESC-298 | Apply Changes to Related Tags not working

Applying changes to related tags fix. Choice tags can still be amended.

ESC-297 | Calculated fields no longer recalculate on changes after saving matter 

In some circumstances calculated fields were not being updated on save. This process has been improved.

ESC-284 | Auth0 not working in latest stable

Auth0 was not functional in 5.3, this is resolved in R6.

ESC-270 | Cannot use simple document search in archived matters or client document explorer

It was not possible to use the simple document search in archived matters. This is now resolved.

ESC-215 | Workflow to generate a work item on a matter does not pull in the Tax Code defined on the specified Task Type

When a Task Type is specified in the New Time Entry workflow activity, the Tax Code associated with the Task Type is now being used to calculate the Tax value of the Work Item that is created, rather than defaulting to the system default Tax Code.

ESC-205 | Improve the PDF report when saving a conflict search

Feature: The conflict check search report

Change: For a large number of records (100+) the PDF report was taking too long to generate - This has now been changed to output to an Excel spreadsheet instead of PDF which speeds up the process. This is similar to what happens in general reports.

ESC-168 | Manage Permissions is showing inactive users

Inactive users will no longer appear on the Select Security Entity for Matter Manage Permissions


Revision R5 (5.3.2203.2818)


  • CRE-2568 | Added functionality to API
    • Allow filtering by Created On and Last Updated On periods for work items
    • Get Matter Disbursement Details
    • Get Matter Financial Summaries
    • Get Fee Earner Fact data
    • Get Ledger Entry Details
    • Update Matter properties
    • Update Client properties

  • CRE-2641 | Improved system stability with additional startup integrity checks on data types
  • CRE-2676 | Resolved EvolveHosted firms not being able to use the Cube Reports

Documents and Productivity

  • CRE-2359 | Added support for migrated data in the Forms Designer
  • CRE-2667 | Added right-click menu shortcut to paste documents as a child document
  • CRE-2709 | Added a flag in Forms Designer indicating if a field has visiblity logic or is calculated
  • CRE-2619 | Improved system performance by not loading all archived clients by default
  • CRE-2646 | Resolved issue with matters having permissions not showing at all
  • CRE-2665 | Resolved prospects not converting to a matter if the entity is linked to a deleted client
  • CRE-2706 | Resolved issue when branching on tag for numbers in workflow
  • ESC-149 | Added permissions to protect the editing of brief templates
  • ESC-81 | Resolved "to date" field in diary appointments not updating when inserting a future start date
  • ESC-176 | Resolved aggregate fields not displaying properly as a workflow attribute update
  • ESC-203 | Resolved link name not appearing when a custom URL is added in the ribbon button
  • ESC-217 | Resolved error when reporting on documents in general reports
  • ESC-227 | Resolved issue with archived internal mail not displaying in the activity explorer
  • ESC-269 | Resolved appearance of an orange coloured "X" inside the internal mail inbox
  • ESC-261 | Resolved prospects and contacts not opening from involvements panel in the directory
  • ESC-268 | Resolved forms designer hiding the "open" button on entities if visibility is turned off for the "new" button
  • ESC-280 | Resolved issue with VOI expiry date not saving correctly
  • ESC-282 | Resolved diary column "When" not being editable if "All Tasks" are selected
  • ESC-289 | Resolved "Add to brief" option not being available when multiple documents are selected
  • ESC-294 | Resolved workflow autostart causing the system to unexpectedly stop
  • ESC-299 | Resolved a rare instance where an Excel spreadsheet with unique formatting caused performance issues


  • CRE-2502 | Added additional Division dimension to nominal account reporting
  • CRE-2652 | Added improvements to system performance in generating Fee Earner Performance reports
  • CRE-2616 | Improved payment requests by adding "Time" to the "Date" value of "Requested Date"
  • CRE-2664 | Resolved issue with General Ledger Reports timing out when showing journal entries
  • CRE-2679 | Resolved notification pop-ups not appearing for requisitions
  • ESC-285 | Added field "Last Updated On" to the WIP report
  • ESC-292 | Added support for a zero rate timed fee
  • ESC-281 | Improved the investment money control report by making "activity after" always visible
  • ESC-129 | Resolved formulae in Excel not working correctly when generating from a library template
  • ESC-194 | Resolved lodgements not correctly saving the protected funds selection
  • ESC-279 | Resolved issue with employee profile's fee earner target options not saving correctly
  • ESC-287 | Resolved issues with sending email to billing contacts that had multiple emails separated by a semi-colon or comma
  • ESC-291 | Resolved rare error message when trying to save matters


  • CRE-2472 | Updated DEFT integration with Macquarie Bank to the latest format
  • ESC-262 | Added support for unauthenticated SMTP servers
  • ESC-219 | Improved loading speed of Infotrack results on the matter Searches tab
  • ESC-301 | Improved the HotDocs integration by refreshing matter answers when the client is updated
  • ESC-290 | Resolved error when opening document properties for a Docusign envelope

Australia/New Zealand

  • ESC-256 | Resolved issues with bulk archiving treating the "Completed" matter status as archived


Revision R4 (5.3.2112.703)

Important note that this upgrade may take up to 20 mins longer (once-off) due to adding support for Unicode characters


  • CRE-1782 | Added automatic filing for system-generated emails back to the client or matter where relevant
  • CRE-2558 | Added Unicode support across the system for special characters such as macrons
  • CRE-2247 | Enhanced security protocols to ensure passwords of users invited to the portal are always encrypted
  • CRE-2595 | Resolved unicode characters in the forms designer not saving correctly

Documents and Case

  • CRE-2015 | Added ability for split scans to be emailed
  • CRE-2206 | Added a simple interface for quickly rejecting and approving internal mails
  • CRE-2277 | Added entity relationships to the selecting screen when emailing documents
  • CRE-2396 | Added tasks within workflow foreach activities to the matter's task list
  • CRE-2113 | Resolved brief bookmarks not directing to the correct page
  • CRE-2585 | Resolved issues where the AML CDD outcome appears to have saved but there is actually an error
  • CRE-2589 | Resolved a case where matter visibility permissions did not apply correctly
  • ESC-141 | Improved scan preview viewer to save its last position
  • ESC-191 | Improved the DocumentDate behaviour by allowing a default choice of empty or created value
  • ESC-195 | Resolved prospects and contacts not opening from the directory's involvements panel
  • ESC-200 | Resolved workflow unprompted timesheet entries not generating
  • ESC-201 | Resolved display of client middle names not showing on the matter header
  • ESC-250 | Resolved system loop with non-alphanumeric characters in email address fields


  • CRE-2429 | Added automatic updates to the matter ledger details as soon as an item is posted in the matter
  • ESC-189 | Resolved trust overdraw report not including those from matter to matter transfers
  • ESC-198 | Resolved DEFT reference search returning multiple invoices


  • CRE-2586 | Added running total columns to the integrated matter ledger view


Revision R3 (5.3.2110.2722)

System Requirements - 5.3 R3 - Important note for .NET Framework update to 4.8


  • CRE-2281 | Added ability to bypass the login screen when using Windows Authentication
  • CRE-1778 | Added configuration screen for setting up SMTP settings for emails (Set Up FAQ)
  • ESC-122 | Resolved not being able to delete roles if they are assigned to users

Documents and Case

  • CRE-1846 | Added functionality to cancel the loading of All Clients
  • CRE-2273 | Added improvements to the bulk archiving feature by allowing ad-hoc additions
  • CRE-1809 | Improved performance of loading entities and their involvements
  • CRE-1336 | Resolved prospect tables showing 1/1/1900 dates rather than leaving them empty
  • CRE-1337 | Resolved prospect widget not always picking up estimated fees and matter types
  • CRE-1483 | Resolved internal mail count including documents outside of access permissions
  • CRE-1565 | Resolved circular reference error when an entity adds itself as a party
  • CRE-1947 | Resolved UI lockup when activating multifactor authentication for version 5.2
  • CRE-2178 | Resolved display inconsistency when a prospect is opened from different screens
  • ESC-128 | Resolved blank message column in the activity explorer
  • ESC-166 | Resolved not being able to create precedents containing checkboxes
  • ESC-181 | Resolved users being able to perform right-click actions on libraries they are not an owner of
  • ESC-174 | Resolved email addressee field being ignored in the workflow designer
  • ESC-190 | Resolved time type field not working correctly in the forms designer


  • CRE-551 | Added support for itemised fees in pop-out timer
  • CRE-2204 | Added support for creating a disbursement-only invoice
  • CRE-2497 | Added further performance enhancements to the Matter Summary Report
  • CRE-1204 | Resolved rare occurrence where InfoTrack search results were not updated
  • CRE-1360 | Resolved debtors notice not picking up composite invoices
  • ESC-182 | Resolved aged debtors report excluding invoices under $0.50 balance

New Zealand

  • CRE-1355 | Added permissions to the RWT report which matches CMA reports


  • CRE-1946 | Added support for Barclays Bank's CHAPS file type


Revision R2 (5.3.2109.2707)

System Requirements - 5.3 R2 - Important note for .NET Framework update to 4.8

Forms Designer

  • CRE-2435 | Resolved drop-down editor now showing the edit button for all roles
  • CRE-2468 | Resolved duplicates being created due to copying a field multiple times
  • CRE-2469 | Resolve rare issue with duplicate roles causing a loading failure
  • CRE-2470 | Resolved matter status list not being editable
  • CRE-2471 | Resolved loading issues due to blank tags

Documents and Case

  • CRE-2251 | Added DocuSign envelopes to allow email CC
  • CRE-1440 | Resolved incorrect created and modified dates showing for document shortcuts
  • CRE-2351 | Resolved subfolders not appearing for the Hotdocs integration
  • CRE-2432 | Resolved email not pulling through header and footer when a different first page is set
  • CRE-2482 | Resolved sporadic "Unexpected Error" occurrences since version 5.3
  • ESC-99 | Resolved incorrect window title when using the email scan feature
  • ESC-179 | Resolved boilerplates issue when the title contains "&"
  • ESC-180 | Resolved settlement calculator not updating and saving fields on existing adjustments


  • CRE-2366 | Resolved timeout issues on the Matter Summary Report - Controlled Money
  • ESC-73 | Resolved scheduled jobs search results not filtering correctly


  • Added API updates to allow better control over Client and Matter summary details

Revision Patch R1.1 (5.3.2109.606)

System Requirements - 5.3 R1 - Important note for .NET Framework update to 4.8

Documents and Case

  • CRE-2417 | Resolved issue with Precedent H button not showing in version 5.3 for UK firms
  • CRE-2425 | Resolved issue where forms designer overlays intermittently do not load

UK Client Interest Calculator

  • CRE-2413 | Added a clearer prompt when applying negative and positive interest to a matter
  • CRE-2408 | Resolved invoice errors when including cost recoveries
  • CRE-2409 | Resolved interest not calculating on balances with no movement
  • CRE-2410 | Resolved issue with the applicable interest rate not being selected
  • CRE-2411 | Resolved "receipt" being incorrectly assigned as a transaction type
  • CRE-2412 | Resolved incorrect message appearing for office to client interest transfers
  • CRE-1414 | Resolved a calculation error between transaction dates

Revision R1 (5.3.2108.2623)

Documents and Case

  • CRE-2369 | Resolved issue preventing workflows from proceeding after upgrading to 5.3
  • CRE-1669 | Added ability for users to unshare Portal documents from the portal tab
  • CRE-1801 | Added ability for UK firms to record and report on interest for Client accounts
  • CRE-1981 | Resolved issue with AML tab not showing matters if special characters are present
  • CRE-2304 | Resolved performance issues when using the API to retrieve documents
  • CRE-2308 | Resolved Forms Designer issue where new fields incorrectly show on the same row


  • CRE-493 | Resolved timesheet summary report incorrectly adding up reversed time entries
  • CRE-2346 | Resolved matter list report time not generating due to a time-out
  • ESC-173 | Resolved error when trying to creating and updating suppliers

5.3 Launch Release (5.3.2107.1602)

Stable release containing the following improvements from Beta.

Documents and Case

  • CRE-1679 | Added message when no report is selected for running a bulk matter archive
  • CRE-2315 | Resolved issue with key dates failing to load

Forms Designer

  • CRE-1695 | Resolved incorrect title being displayed for drafts
  • CRE-2286 | Added warning when creating a new form if the current one is unsaved
  • CRE-2308 | Resolved overlap row position loading issue


  • CRE-2210 | Improved database optimisations for hosting through AzureSQL
  • CRE-2272 | Resolved issue where creating clients via API leaves an empty client and display name
  • CRE-2307 | Improved performance on Fee Earner Fees Review report

5.3 Beta (5.3.2106.308)

Early access with over 120 changes detailed in the release notes attached below.

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