5.2 Release Notes

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Revision R4 (5.2.2106.2518)

IE/UK Version.

Forms Designer enhancements and bug fixes

  • CRE-1932 | Resolved height property of an attribute not being saved in the forms designer
  • CRE-1964 | Resolved deleted field name not being able to be used when changes have not been saved
  • CRE-1992 | Added Monitored Document to the Forms Designer
  • CRE-2006 | Resolved attribute duplication preventing preview and publish
  • CRE-2045 | Resolved duplicate database names prevent tagging and viewing matter properties
  • CRE-2049 | Resolved duplicate names causing application crash
  • CRE-2050 | Resolved dragging and dropping the fields causing them to be pushed to the bottom
  • CRE-2051 | Added ability to send items to the top or bottom of the page
  • CRE-2053 | Update objects so that published field types should not be edited
  • CRE-2054 | Added delete option to section and section lines even if the object is published
  • CRE-2063 | Resolved fields reverting to their original location on the next publish
  • CRE-2064 | Resolved custom tabs created in the forms designer shifting left with each publish.
  • CRE-2065 | Resolved fields being created with 0 height
  • CRE-2067 | Resolved date and time formats not saving on overlayed/created replacement tags
  • CRE-2068 | Added ability to amend or delete published tags
  • CRE-2069 | Resolved unsupported textf ormatters preventing saving of a field
  • CRE-2070 | Resolved cancel not removing all changes
  • CRE-2071 | Added ability to rename tabs
  • CRE-2072 | Resolved field visibility not saving
  • CRE-2074 | Resolved bold attribute not saving
  • CRE-2078 | Resolved usage of a newly created table form's system name in selection drop down
  • CRE-2098 | Resolved publish and cancel buttons not being enabled when the form loads again
  • CRE-2106 | Resolved null DefaultValue causing an error
  • CRE-2108 | Resolved custom field tags disappearing when field is edited but tags are not yet published
  • CRE-2112 | Resolved spelling error in the unsaved changes pop-up
  • CRE-2128 | Added ability to auto scroll the screen while dragging
  • CRE-2130 | Added preventing of duplicate tags being created
  • CRE-2132 | Resolved check for summary attributes not working until form is opened as draft
  • CRE-2133 | Updated colour picker terminology
  • CRE-2134 | Resolved error opening form with drafts from previous version
  • CRE-2135 | Resolved error with a duplicated name for new table type model
  • CRE-2136 | Resolved time type fields not autopopulating when flag is set to true
  • CRE-2138 | Resolved issues with adding field above and below
  • CRE-2141 | Resolved issues where hidden fields can be deleted even when published
  • CRE-2142 | Resolved general reports issue with matter attribute named Client
  • CRE-2143 | Resolved summary not being removed when hiding fields
  • CRE-2159 | Updated reportable flag to be a toggle
  • CRE-2161 | Added system name in field edit form
  • CRE-2162 | Added system name in formula editor
  • CRE-2181 | Added system stability improvements preventing crashes
  • CRE-2223 | Added warning for unsaved changes
  • CRE-2227 | Removed edit access to the Document model
  • CRE-2252 | Resolved row tile attribute list not updating when cell is edited
  • CRE-2285 | Resolved replacement flag incorrectly loading as a name

Feature release R3 (5.2.2104.1214)

HotDocs/Softdocs Integration Beta

Guide:HotDocs Integration

  • CRE-1811 | Added search, filtering, and general enhancements
    • Able to filter Softdocs content by folder 
    • Filter that reduces results as text is being typed
    • Remembers last library used with a given matter category type per user
    • Documents filed back using the Office add-in as a consistent process

  • CRE-1869 | Added new screen to allow users to set up mappings for HotDocs documents 
  • CRE-2032 | Added new screen to allow users to refresh HotDocs answer files 
  • CRE-2041 | Added HotDocs mapping to support conditional and multipart mappings
  • CRE-2056 | Added datatype support to the HotDocs mapping view

Feature additions

  • CRE-1354 Updated debtor notices so will automatically file to the Accounts folder for their respective level
    • Client for Client
    • Matter for Matter and Invoice
    • Billing Contact for Billing Contact

  • CRE-1915 | Added ability to poll a list of all matters using the API
  • CRE-1916 | Added ability to poll a list of all invoices using the API

Enhancements and issues resolved

  • CRE-845 | Added an error message when trying to delete a matter or client currently open
  • CRE-923 | Updated optimisations for SQL 2008 backwards compatibility
  • CRE-1285 | Updated document preview so zoom defaults to a fitted view and will remember last preference
  • CRE-1364 | Added clear error message when BSB code is missing when exporting an EFT
  • CRE-1439 | Resolved error message preventing suppliers from being created due to their history
  • CRE-1470 | Resolved issue where task type rates did not appear on timesheets dropdown
  • CRE-1484 | Resolved issue where new document names overwrote the previous in splitting scans
  • CRE-1507 | Updated OCR to ensure it is processed on all documents correctly
  • CRE-1769 | Added extra columns to Manage requisitions to display account name, number, and BSB
  • CRE-1833 | Resolved issue with brief header document, so it now appears in correct column
  • CRE-1912 | Resolved issue where one or more complex tags run in the same paragraph 
  • CRE-1954 | Updated localisation for currency and date plural forms
  • CRE-1961 | Updated credit card details so they are no longer mandatory when creating a receipt
  • CRE-1963 | Resolved issue where the boilerplate fails to insert where more than one copy of the same tag exists in a paragraph
  • CRE-1966 | Resolved rare issue where document assembly fails due to a font update on a form field
  • CRE-1974 | Resolved issue with document assembly where letterheads are not inserting correctly due to multiple sections
  • CRE-2002 | Resolved issue with folder structures reverting when using the Forms Designer
  • CRE-2004 | Resolved issue with dashboard Firm Billing History widget where an extra month was displayed due to a leap year
  • CRE-2018 | Updated dashboard so drill-down widget displays months of the year in correct order
  • CRE-2081 | Resolved issue with If tags not executing correctly due to special protected characters
  • CRE-2096 | Added extra authorisation checks for API calls

Ireland/UK Specific

  • CRE-1267 | Updated localisation to remove Australian text from the Record Purchase screen
  • CRE-1291 | Added extra column to Client Deposit tab to display a running total
  • CRE-1319 | Added postcode lookup support for Capscan / Loqate
  • CRE-1396 | Added Country Code and BIC localisation on supplier details

Scotland Specific

  • CRE-1051 | Added posting of disbursements using the client account
  • CRE-1052 | Added combined ledger view for Scotland
  • CRE-1053 | Added combined summary view for financials on client and matter cards
  • CRE-1408 | Added the joint ledger option which will result in a combined total on the matter ledger

Feature release R2 (5.2.2012.1622)

Feature additions

  • CRE-543 | Fee Analysis drill-down dashboard for firm-wide management
    • Designed for the management team of law firms, the new widget can be enabled by ticking "Fee Analysis drill-down (Firm) in the permissions. The dashboard will provide a firm-wide overview on billed, collected fees and budgets. Also allowing the graphs to drill into each department, user, and interchange the reporting period and statistic. As the statistics are firm wide, we advise caution with who will be granted access.

  • Smart Versioning. The installation of PracticeEvolve will now display a friendly version name "5.2 R2" inside the client application as well as the installation properties for easier reference. The class 4-part versioning is still a part of the properties.

Enhancements and issues resolved

  • CRE-1945 | Resolved rare occurrence where letterhead tags fail in some documents

Feature release R1.2 (5.2.2012.120)

Further stability improvements to choice tags

  • CRE-1891 | Choice tag not working when the choice is started in the middle of a line

Feature release R1.1 (5.2.2011.3015)

Resolved an issue that affects all 5.2 versions, and a patch for existing sites will be provided

  • CRE-1891 | Choice tag not working when the choice is started in the middle of a line

Feature release R1 (5.2.2011.2712)

Feature additions

  • CRE-709 | Bank reconciliation screen now warns users when changing date
  • CRE-1664 | Email multifactor authentication can be enabled
    • Administrators will have the ability to turn on MFA for all users in the firm. By going to the 'Users and Groups' section, a new button has been added to the ribbon. This feature will require a valid email from each employee's profile. Upon successful login, a code will be sent to the email and will be required to complete the authentication process.
    • Access the MFA User Guide

Enhancements and issues resolved

  • CRE-1353 | Resolved issue with duplicate attributes for selection in workflows
  • CRE-1435 | Permission to modify tax codes on work items now working correctly
  • CRE-1464 | Workflow activity for new documents now correctly accounts for the 'checked out' property
  • CRE-1607 | Notification settings in the web portal now save correctly
  • CRE-1710 | Resolved issue with bulk matter archiving button being disabled
  • CRE-1796 | Exporting documents from a matter now correctly records an audit log in the document history
  • CRE-1859 | Improved performance on searches against large volumes of documents
  • CRE-1863 | Large files now load correctly in the forms designer without timing out

Ireland/UK specific

  • CRE-1283 | Laserform integration now pulls tags from each page correctly

Launch revision (5.2.2011.405)

  • CRE-1840 | Resolved issue where custom document styles caused issues with tagging
  • CRE-1827 | Resolved issue with multi-line tagging not working correctly
  • Adjusted Office add-ins with 5.2 versioning

Launch version (5.2.2010.2017)

Our October 2020 release is centred around streamlining the capture of information, leading to a more efficient presentation and storage of documents and data.

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As part of the 5.2 Release we have committed to the following:

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Our webinar launching our 5,2 Release can be accessed here: Version 5.2 Client Launch Webinar

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Known Issues

There is a new section indicating open items we are working on, or investigating as part of the roadmap. This is a continual process and so is not a full list of items being worked on by all our teams and should only be used as an indicative guide. Access the Known Issues list.


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