5.0 Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 26 May 2023 at 04:25 AM

Important Notes

This release contains better support for multiple cash accounts. The Trust to Office screen, as well as the Trust Payment screen, now calculate the available balance in the selected cash account. 

It is important to note however, that historical transactions may be affected. Previously the system used the Unallocated Receipts account in the reconciliation process. When calculating the available trust balance on a matter, the system is not able to add the entries that were recorded under the Unallocated Receipts account.


5.0.2002.2014 - Revision Three

Revision Three includes enhancements to assist firms with trust audits, additional default descriptions have been included in the matter trust ledgers for the following transaction type:

  • Trust Matter to Matter transfers:
    Previously, when performing a matter to matter transfer there was no default description. We have added a new default description which includes where the funds have been transferred from and where they are being transferred to.

    The purpose\reason for the funds transfer must be manually entered into the memo description field.

    New Description Format:
    “Transfer from (source matter number) to (destination matter number) (memo)”

  • Trust Payments and Receipt reversals:
    Previously, when performing a reversal of a trust receipt or a trust payment, the original receipt number did not appear on the reversal entry. The original receipt/payment number has been included on the reversal transfer to assist with reconciliations to the original entry.

    New Description Format:
    “Reversal: (Journal Reference of the original transaction) (Description of the original ledger entry) (Cheque Number or EFT Sequence and Reference number, if applicable) (Reason for the reversal)”

This release also addresses performance related issue of Matter summary report and temp folder filling up on new Email. We also have fixed the Aged WIP report showing negative number when invoices are fully written down and reversed.


CRE-1010 | Automatically prepend matter numbers on matter-to-matter ledger entry description
CRE-1011 | Automatically prepend original transaction number and payment details to reversal ledger entry description


CRE-976 | Matter Summary Report is very slow to run
CRE-860 | Right click on a document, and new email generates temp files


CRE-999 | Aged WIP Report showing negative numbers when invoices are fully written down and reversed


CRE-595 | Some involvements are not included when printing the entity involvements


CRE-925 | Make Client Risk Assessment (CRA) Level customisable
CRE-830 | Client Due Diligence (CDD) administration screen optimisations
CRE-829 | Default Matter Risk Assessment (MRA) to have "No Default" as an assessment level


5.0.2002.418 - Revision Two

A lot of system stability improvements have gone into Revision Two. This includes memory optimisation on the user's client and the application server. There has been a system wide improvement to the clean up of temporary files building up, and also reducing the size of data transmitted from the server in queries.

We have made changes to ensure that all pop-up and pop-out windows come to the front of the screen. Some of these hidden screens contributed to the application appearing to freeze in version 4.4. 

Further changes have also been made to the Outlook add-ins. The add-ins would previously monitor all inboxes (including all shared), and this had an impact on performance with duplicate checking. The add-ins will now only automatically file the inbox of the default one selected in Outlook.


CRE-658 | Outlook add-in should not monitor folders when automatic filing is turned off
CRE-731 | Clear memory build-up from opening invoices
CRE-744 | Clear temp file build-up 
CRE-843 | Reduce delay when user opens an invoice at first instance of PE start after installation/upgrade
CRE-848 | Optimise memory caches so they expire and are cleaned up correctly
CRE-853 | Optimise data object size from query returns
CRE-907 | Prevent emails from continuously filing when folder is no longer present
CRE-912 | Clear system activity queue build-up


CRE-220 | Invoice template selected in Billing plans not attaching to matter
CRE-264 | Grouping invoice items results in unexpected error
CRE-281 | Unclear error message when generating report
CRE-466 | Error with adding a document in Cheque requisition screen
CRE-498 | Improve add-in time entry narrations to be user friendly
CRE-567 | Trust receipt requires visual cue when mandatory payment method is not filled out
CRE-596 | Invoice cannot be edited if spelling mistakes exceed a large number
CRE-597 | Not able to view own requisitions
CRE-750 | Trust Payments unlinked from allocations leading to not being able to record payments
CRE-796 | PE should remember the columns added to the Accounting options->Billing rates
CRE-909 | Cannot reverse payment linked to billable anticipated disbursements
CRE-918 | EFT Bank Reference not populating correctly when printing a payment requisition
CRE-931 | Parameters on the Journal Ledger View are not applied correctly


CRE-197 | Allow documents to be permanently deleted for GDPR compliance
CRE-198 | Updating and converting a matter not showing correct folder structure
CRE-201 | Menu option on Scans screen to allow a user to email a scan
CRE-243 | Ribbon button to create matters from the client card not appearing
CRE-397 | Search fails to show documents in front end
CRE-444 | Issues with generating briefs
CRE-468 | Office add-ins do not install as the correct version number
CRE-586 | Storage location fails to populate correctly when archived matter is opened using right click
CRE-587 | Link to key date unexpectedly broken when diary task is unhandled
CRE-588 | Outlook Add-in holding opened documents preventing further actions
CRE-693 | Usability improvements to add-in prompts when Outlook is closed
CRE-865 | Search results screen error when you right click in empty space
CRE-869 | Document Library sync fails when there is a document id duplicate
CRE-874 | Custom Matter Folder Profile being wiped when matter numbers are saved

AML Initial Release

CRE-002 | AML to include VOI on the Entity level
CRE-449 | AML Non-captured status request and approval
CRE-450 | AML CDD Outcome delayed due diligence status
CRE-451 | AML restrictions to system functions based on risk assessment
CRE-452 | AML CDD level, outcome, and verification status to be viewable as a list
CRE-453 | AML default matter risk status to be set per category and instance
CRE-454 | AML display warnings on a matter when restriction rules are applied
CRE-457 | AML matter level dashboard
CRE-465 | AML VOI status of parties to be available on the matter
CRE-479 | AML Prevention of Matter completion when CDD has not been completed
CRE-482 | AML infrastructure for Alert feature
CRE-529 | AML distinction between source of funds and wealth
CRE-530 | AML matter dashboard terminology updates
CRE-534 | AML Risk Assessment to include document attachment
CRE-557 | AML administration page terminology updates
CRE-648 | Unable to view CDD Outcome justification
CRE-650 | CDD Search not matching correctly on Completed status
CRE-708 | AML restrictions to transactions are not applying correctly
CRE-717 | AML Date fields incorrectly defaulting to 1900
CRE-718 | AML Document uploads are not correctly refreshing on the screen
CRE-720 | AML MRA assessment is cleared after reviewing and saving risk level justification
CRE-792 | AML Source of Wealth and Funds drop-down selections to be editable
CRE-833 | AML Entity document import should not delete original file from filesystem

5.0.1911.2506 - Revision One


Enhancement 7580 | Emails that are imported into Evolve cannot be renamed or deleted without closing Outlook

  • Resolved issue that prevented emails from being renamed, deleted, or checked-out as a result of Outlook add-in holding a lock on the file.

Enhancement C-673 | Outlook add-in to only scan/auto-file from default folder

  • Resolved performance issue with the Outlook add-in scanning multiple shared inboxes. The add-ins would previously monitor all inboxes, and this had an impact on performance with duplicate checking. The add-ins will now only automatically file the inbox of the default one selected in Outlook. Users can still choose to manually file against all other mail boxes.


Enhancement C-367 | Resolved error with Professional Indemnity Report 

5.0.1910.1106 - Launch

The launch version contains enhancements and defect resolutions that have come forth following feedback from the Beta phase. Please also refer to the 4.4 Revision Two release notes for some enhancements that pre-date version 5.0. Based on initial feedback, we will not be releasing the default matter permission whitelisting feature as showcased in the webinar, at this point in time.

5.0.1909.100 - Beta

Initial feature preview and release notes PDF


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